Graduate Student & Staff Update, Awards & Presentations

Graduate Student Update

Selby Boerman  Selby Boerman, a MS student working with Travis Mulliniks and Mitch Stephenson, has accepted a position at Oregon State University as the Director of Livestock Operations. Selby is set to finish her MS degree this fall and will be moving to Corvallis, OR in late June. Selby moved to Nebraska in January of 2020 for an internship experience at GSL. We were lucky to have recruited her to stay at UNL and work towards her MS degree. During her time at UNL and GSL, she has been a huge help to the ranch crew, spending two years living at the ranch during calving season. Although Selby will be missed, we are excited for this new opportunity and career path for her.

Alex Orozco  Alex Orozco-Lopez, a graduate student and research technician under Mitch Stephenson, graduated from UNL in December with his M.S. degree in agronomy, specializing in range and forage science.  Alex began his new job as agriculture and natural resources educator for the University of Wyoming Extension in Crook County on January 4.

Staff Spotlight - Stacy Nollette

 Stacy Nollette   As you drive into GSL we hope you notice the painted auto gates, mowed lawns, and clean facilities. A good first impression. Stacy has been keeping the ranch in order since she moved here with her husband John in 2000. Stacy grew up in Bertrand, Nebraska and graduated in (93) with a B.S. in Textiles, Clothing, and Design at UNL. Moving to the Sandhills, Interior Design is a hard profession to follow with the remoteness, so instead she keeps the ranch in order, and works in Hyannis as a Paraeducator during the school year. Stacy and John raised three children, Chelsea, Ashlee, and Brock, all graduating from Hyannis. Recently their family has expanded to a son-in-law Michael, and two granddaughters, Regan and Taylee. John and Stacy have also been involved in welcoming all graduate students that stay at the ranch. Stacy loves gardening, so the next time you stop at GSL, you are sure to be greeted with a friendly wave! 

 Awards & Presentations

Selby Boerman presented the research poster titled “Efficacy of high frequency global positioning system data to predict nursing behavior in range beef calves,” at the 93rd Western Section of the American Society of Animal Science Annual Meeting, Ft. Collins, October 18-20, 2021.

Selby Boerman and Nicole Woita presented research posters at the NC Cattlemen’s College in Kearney on November 30, 2021.

Jerry Volesky has been named interim director of UNL’s Center for Grassland Studies. He replaces Walt Schacht, who retired on January 3, 2022. Volesky will continue to work from UNL’s West Central Research Extension and Education Center in North Platte.

 Award buckle  Selby Boerman was part of the Champion Ranch Rodeo Team at the 2022 Society of Range Management Annual Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico.