* Many of our information is the same for Dundy, Hayes, and Hitchcock Counties.  Below is county specific information and below that is informaton that is relevant to all three counties.

County Specific Information


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Dundy County Fairbook

Hayes County Fairbook

Hitchcock County Fairbook

Hitchcock County Open Class Fairbook

            Hitchcock Open Class Entry Card

Pre-Fair Entry Instructions

Dundy County

Hayes County

Hitchcock County

Fair Schedules

Dundy County Fair

Hayes County Fair

Hitchcock County Fair

General 4-H Information



Animal ID Forms

Nebraska Online Nominations Step-By-Step Instructions

SF263 Certificate of Vaccination for Dogs
SF262 Certificate of Vaccination for Cats and Ferrets


Preparing Cut Flowers

Preparing Vegetable, Herbs, & Fruit

Helpful Videos! Selecting Vegetables for Fair

Fair Forms for Exhibits

     Unit 1 Photo Data Tag
     Unit 2 Photo Data Tag
     Unit 3 Photo Data Tag

Clothing, Fiber Arts, and Fashion Show
     Clothing Data Card
      Use for Beyond the Needle Classes C221003-C221008, STEAM 2 and 3 Upcycled Garment & Accessory Classes
Knitting Data Card
Crochet Data Card
     Shopping in Style Fashion Show Written Report

Fashion Show Entry Form

4-H Home Environment Supporting Information Tag

Visual Arts Supporting Information

4-H Food Preservation Card

Club of the Month Information and Application

Quilts of Valor Guidelines