Southern Plains Shooting Sports Contest

This web site page will be updated with any contest rule changes that do not make the current Fairbook.


State outdoor archery distances to be used at Southern Plains county archery contest

1. Outdoor target competition will consist of 60 arrows shot in three games. Four ends of five arrows will make up a game. Archers have 4 minutes to shoot their 5 arrows in each end. They will be shot at 48 in. target faces at the following distances: 

Junior (Cub) 
20 arrows at 30 yards
20 arrows at 20 yards
20 arrows at 10 yards 

Intermediate (Youth) 
20 arrows at 40 yards
20 arrows at 30 yards
20 arrows at 20 yards 

Senior (Young Adult) 
20 arrows at 50 yards
20 arrows at 40 yards
20 arrows at 30 yards 

***Shooters shooting Basic Bow Class & Freestyle Limited Recurve Class will shoot one class lower. 
BB/FSLR YA – Shoot Youth distance, BB/FSLR Y – Shoot Cub distance, BB/FSLR C – Shoot Cub distance

1. Novice classes (county contest only) will shoot cub distance for their respective bows.
2. Scoring will X, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 scored from the center out. Lines must be touched to score the next higher score. X counts as a 10. 
3. Perfect score is 600 with 60 X’s. Tie scores will be settled in a shoot off of 1 arrow winner is closest to the middle. Discretion of host club and situation. 
4. Scoring will be accomplished in the same way as in the indoor competition. (Rules 3, 4, 5) 
5. Any arrow that cannot be touched or pulled back using the bow is considered a shot arrow and counts as one of the arrows for that end. 
6. In case of a breakdown the shooter has 45 minutes to repair or replace equipment. Make up arrows will be shot at the end of that game at the proper distance. 
7. Any person shooting Basic Bow will shoot distance one class lower from their age. Ex. BB YA – Shoot Youth distance, BB Y – Shoot Cub distance, BB C – Shoot Cub distance. 
8. Rules 8, 9, 10 from the indoor also apply for the outdoor. 
9. Check N.F.A.A. Rule Book for more clarification.