4-H Club Resources

Green circle with white words Nuckolls County

Club Name: Contact Person: Contact Info:
Alban Jean Stichka 402-225-2381
Dry Creek Joe Theer 402-756-7211
Farm Friends Selena Laughlin 402-984-7542
Independents Nuckolls Co. Extension  402-225-2381
Lucky Buckaroos Amanda Kohmetscher & Kristen Ostdiek 402-469-2148 & 402-984-4421
Oxbow & Shooting Sports Jamie Watts & Alycia Watts 402-984-0177
Rough Riders Celia Fanning 402-621-0161

Green circle with white words Thayer County
Club Name Contact Person Contact Information

Big Green

Makinna Peterson
Little Blue Country Kids Gina Hudson 402-768-7384
Fantastic 4-H Friends Traci Virus 402-768-6224
Independents Thayer County Extension Office 402-768-7212
Outlaws Britany Renz 402-469-3585
Oregan Trail Stockman Amber Heinrichs 785-275-3320
Spring Creek Boots and Buckles TBD
Wiling Hands Jon & Delinda Mohrmann 402-365-4421
This & That 4-H Club Kelly Howe 402-768-2408
Byron Country Critters Tara Kuhlmann 402-236-8647