Trip Planning Information

For more than 50 years, thousands of high school youth from all across the country have traveled to Washington, DC each summer to partake in the preeminent 4-H citizenship experience – Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF). CWF is a national program designed for 4-H members and teen leaders between the ages of 14 and 18 (4-H age at the time of the trip). 4-H membership is required. 

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CWF 2025 Frequently Asked Questions (Updated 11/5/2021)

If I am interested in going on the trip, what do I need to do?

Fill out the 2025 4-H Citizenship Application ASAP (see above). If the extension office doesn't have your completed and signed application, we have no idea you want to be involved with fundraisers and updates.

What are the specific dates for 2025 trip?

These are still in the draft stage. Past trips have been the end of May/beginning of June.

What are the fundraisers?

Twice year fruit sale fundraisers are facilitated by the Nuckolls/Thayer Extension offices. Additional office-facilitated fundraisers are created on an as-needed basis. Other fundraisers can be facilitated by students/families if ALL SP CWF participants are invited to participate.

What is the cost?

Our current estimate is about $4,500 per student but changes are likely. County CWF Funds are held by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation.

What is the suggested monthly payment schedule?


What is the itinerary of the trip?

We are working on this with UNL 4-H staff. Thank you for your patience.

Do I need to be a 4-H member?

Yes. Please enroll in 4-H if you are involved in fundraising or planning for the trip in any way. Want to know the other benefits you’ll receive as a member of Nebraska 4-H? Reach out to your local extension office.

What are the COVID-19 2025 trip disruptions?

1.     There is no vaccination requirement to participate in 4-H or the CWF program and, as of right now, there is no plan to have a requirement for vaccination.

2.     While there is no requirement by 4-H that participants are vaccinated, we are required to follow all of the local laws, policies, and Directed Health Measures of the places that we are traveling to. There may be a vaccination requirement in certain cities, buildings, attractions, etc. This could change if the COVID situation changes. There may be no requirements when we travel or there may be more requirements. We just don’t know what that will look like.

3.     While Nebraska 4-H does not require vaccination, many places do, including federal buildings and several cities and individual venues and we all must follow those policies. Again, the hope is that we will be in a better place in May/June but the last thing we want is to be traveling to places that require vaccinations and then participants, mentors, and/or staff cannot enter. We will not ask participants or adults about their vaccination status but we want you to be aware that you may need to present that information if required.

What about CWF 2025 sibling transfer?

Students planning on attending the CWF 2028 trip are welcome to start fundraising now. If a student cannot attend a trip because of funding or planning conflicts, students may transfer non-fundraising monies to a younger sibling. Please review the CWF 2025 application contract for more information on when refunds are possible.