4-H School Enrichment

School enrichment programs are learning experiences offered to students during school hours by local 4-H educators.  These programs are designed to enhance the subject matter being studied in the classroom, provide hands-on education, introduce a new topic to students, or spark a new interest!

The 4-H school enrichment program is a great way to connect and collaborate with your local Extension office and achieve your classroom educational goals.  The programs we provide are created to act as a supplement to the learning that is already happening in the classroom. By using the University of Nebraska Lincoln's "Learning by doing" curriculum, school enrichment sessions can help teachers engage students and improve the learning process while meeting Nebraska State Board of Education standards. Curriculum used in School Enrichment is developed at the University of Nebraska, Other Universities, or by the National 4-H Council.

School Enrichment Booklet (High School)  (2022-2023 School Year Coming Soon!)

School Enrichment Brochure (Elementary & Middle School)  (2022-2023 School Year Coming Soon!)

Ag Literacy Festival

With continued urban growth, many youth do not have as much exposure to agriculture as in the past. Many communities are losing touch with Nebraska's greatest resource - agriculture. The Agricultural Literacy Festivals provide an opportunity for youth to take a close-up look at agriculture.

This one-day field trip at the Seward County Fairgrounds features interactive stations to help students gain a greater understanding of agriculture and how it impacts their daily lives.

Ag Literacy Festival Registration