The purpose of a 4-H school enrichment program is to encourage long-term involvement in 4-H, enhance the relationship between 4-H and school systems (public and private), provide informal education to complement formal education, enhance the subject matter being studied, and foster and promote enthusiasm and support for participation in other 4-H programs.

Membership Requirements

Youth do not need to be an enrolled 4-H member to participate in the 4-H school enrichment program.


4-H school enrichment programs are conducted during school hours in partnership with classroom instructors. The educational experience is delivered either by a 4-H staff, trained volunteer, or teacher. Programs include a minimum of six hours of educational experiences that engage youth in hands-on learning opportunities that support the school curriculum.

School Enrichment Booklet (High School)  (2022-2023 School Year Coming Soon!)

School Enrichment Brochure (Elementary & Middle School)  (2022-2023 School Year Coming Soon!)