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The Nebraska state 4-H website has many resources for volunteers and club leaders ranging from training and development to club management. And check out the Fast Track Volunteer Training video series to increase your leadership skills at your own pace. New volunteer? Complete the Youth Protection 4-H Volunteer Screening ASAP. 

 4-H Club IRS Tax Exemption and EIN Information - 4-H Clubs receive federal income tax exemption through a group exemption held by the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. This means that 4-H clubs are exempt from paying federal income tax on funds raised on behalf of 4 H, or to support educational programs; and donors can deduct contributions to 4-H clubs. Learn more Template Constitution & Bylaws with Financial Language.

*Achievement Application & End of year Record Book for Clover Kids & 4-H Youth


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Achievement Application & End of year Record Book for Clover Kids & 4-H Youth