Seward County Extension Board

The Seward County Extension Board serves as an advocate for Nebraska Extension in Seward County. The Extension Board provides guidance to Extension staff in establishing and accomplishing Extension education program goals and objectives. 

Extension Board members must be registered voters. Members represent the views of residents in their respective area. The Extension Board is responsible for developing extension program objectives and goals to meet the needs of Seward County residents. Board members work with the Extension staff to prioritize, plan and evaluate Extension educational activities for youth and adults.

    *not pictured: Christine Haney-Douglass

Seward County Extension Board Members                                              

Krystel Naber, President

Christine Haney-Douglass, Vice President

Jennifer Eickhoff, Secretary

Clark Jackson, Treasurer

Jennifer Nantkes

Peggy Oborny

Meeting Agendas and Minutes - 2024

January: Agenda and Minutes

February: Agenda and Minutes

April: Agenda and Minutes



The agenda for all meetings is kept continually current and is available for public at the Extension Office.  Contact the Extension Office at 402-643-2981 for more questions.