All youth participating in 4-H Horse Project in District/State contests must enroll/re-enroll in 4-H by May 8 @ 11:59 pm through 4-H Online.

All youth participating in the 4-H Horse Project in County contests ONLY must enroll/re-enroll in 4-H by June 1 @ 11:59 pm through 4-H Online. 


Any 4-H Member entering in District/State contests must submit 4-H Horse Project ID Affidavit by May 8 @ 4:30 pm to the Extension office.

Any 4-H Member ONLY the Saunders County Fair contest must submit 4-H Horse Project ID Affidavit by  June 1 @ 11:59 pm to the Extension office.


Advancement Level study courses

Any 4-H Member entering District/State contests must complete 4-H Horsemanship Level Testing by May 8 @ 4:30pm in the Extension office.

Any 4-H Member ONLY the Saunders County Fair contest must complete 4-H Horsemanship Level Testing by July 1 @ 4:30 pm in the Extension office.


Any 4-H Member entering District/State contests must submit entry forms & fees by May 8 @ 4:30 pm to the Extension office. 

Any 4-H Member entering Saunders County Fair contest must complete the online pre-entry forms by July 1 @ 4:30pm . 

Contest Dates


    • July 28, 2020
Entry Forms and ID Sheets - Due to Extension Office by May 8th
District and State Entry Procedures
2 and 3 year old affidavit
Frequently Asked Questions

Nebraska State 4-H Horse Project Information

Nebraska Equine Webinar Series

Past  Webinars
What is Nebraska Equine Webinar Series? 

  • Every second Monday of every month
    • Topics include: nutrition, disease, biosecurity, parasites, equipment, rulebook, judging, vet care, confirmation. 
  • These webinars will be a great place for 4-H leaders/parents and senior aged youth to gain knowledge in many different areas.