Local Interest

Tri-Basin Irrigator Newsletter
Extension Educator Todd Whitney encourages our local irrigators and farm owners to take advantage of the recent news release from the Tri-Basin NRD.  The July 20, 2017 newsletter offers valuable information on a variety of irrigating topics.  Did you know that Unltrasonic Flow Meter flow meters are available through the NRD?  Contact Curtis Scheele for more information on the portable flow meter.   
    An article on "Infiltration" is also offered on page 5 in this newsletter.  Infiltration is the downward entry of water into the soil.  THe velocity at which water enters the soil is infiltration rate.  Infiltration rate is typically expressed in inches per hour.  Water from rainfall or irrigation must irst enter the soil for it to be of value.   

   Read more of the newsletter by downloading the .pdf.