Phelps/Gosper 4-H Shooting Sports

Phelps County 4-H Shooting Sports will be here before we know it! Join your friends and enroll in this fun and educational program! Enrollment for BB Gun, Archery and Air Rifle will be online at Sign-up Genius (Sign-up Genius is located at the end of each program) OR visit the office.

Youth must be enrolled in 4-H and pay the shooting sports registration fee before the first practice.

Youth will not be allowed to participate in shooting sports until enrollment and payment are received!

1. Enroll in 4-H at

Enrollment in the Phelps and Gosper County 4-H is free. However, for our Shooting Sports program, there is a program fee for the classes. The fee for BB gun is $10, archery is $20 and air rifle is $20. Youth participating in Shooting Sports are required to pay the program fee, complete the online permission forms found at 4honline, and be enrolled in 4-H and the Shooting Sports project prior to the first practice date.

  • NEW-4-H Winter Warm-up Archery Program
  • NEW-Pay online. (A small additional fee is charged online)
  • NEW-If your child is participating in both the County Archery and Winter Warm-up Archery you will receive a $5 discount when paid in person.
2. Sign-up for your practice day-Use links found behind each program

· BB-Gun—$10 program fee; Start date—Week of January 2. Six weeks of class. Contest scheduled for Saturday, February 11. Classes meet Tuesday or Thursday nights. (6:00-7:00 or 7:00-8:00)     4-H BB GUN 2023 SIGN UP

· Six Week County 4-H Archery—$20 program fee; Start date—Week of January 2. Six weeks of class with the contest held during the last week of class. Classes meet Monday, Tuesday or Thursday nights.(6:00-6:45, 7:00-7:45, or 8:00-8:45)      SIX WEEK 4-H ARCHERY SIGN UP

· 4-H Winter Warm-up Archery—$20 program fee; Start date—Week of December 1. Five weeks of practice for the County 4-H Archery Season or the State 4-H Indoor Archery Competition. Classes Thursday nights, December 1-29.(6:00-6:45, 7:00-7:45, or 8:00-8:45)    WINTER WARM UP ARCHER SIGN UP

· 4-H Air Rifle—$20 program fee; Start date—Week of January 3. Six weeks of class. Contest held during the last week of class. Class meets on Tuesday (5:00-5:15 or 8:15-9:00) or Thursday nights (8:15-9:00). Youth must be 12 years old for air rifle or be ten years old and have completed two years of 4-H BB Gun.       AIR RIFLE SIGN UP

· 4-H Shotgun

Phelps-Gosper 4-H Shotgun Team will start on February 20, 2023

Phelps/Gosper County only 4-H Shotgun will start March 27 with the contest on April 30.

Gosper County 4-H Shooting Sports are asking for interested adults interested in BB Gun, Archery or other Shooting Sports disciplines to visit with the Phelps or Gosper Extension Staff for more information.

If you are interested in other contests available across the state, please check out the state shooting sports contest calendar