Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

Nebraska 4-H requires all youth enrolled in livestock projects to complete annual quality assurance training through the national YOUTH FOR THE QUALITY CARE OF ANIMALS (YQCA) program.  YQCA training is completed online through self-directed courses as well as Instructor Led training. 

Phelps and Gosper County will offer Instructor Led YQCA trainings.  Watch the county newsletter, or contact the Phelps Extension Office, 995-4222 OR the Gosper Extension Office, 785-2390 for the training dates.

There are fees attached to these trainings.  The online training fee is $12.00.  For Instructor Led training you will need to register online and pay the $3.00 fee online with a credit card prior to the event.

An online test out is available at YQCA (open link on title) or  This option is available for Intermediate and Senior levels.  The cost is $36.00 and $48.00 respectively.  The youth will have one chance to test.  The fee is non-refundable if the youth fails to pass.

All fees must be paid with a credit card.


Nebraska 4-H youth, ages 8-18, who are enrolled in any livestock project are required to complete the YQCA online course annually (or complete an Instructor Led course).  The deadline to complete your training in Phelps County and Gosper County is June 15, 2024.  This will ensure that you will meet the deadline for the county fair shows.  4-H members who exhibit at the Nebraska State Fair or Aksarben will need to have their YQCA training requirements met by the date of entry for those respective shows if not showing at the county show.

Youth enrolled in the following projects need to complete the YQCA training:

  • Beef (bucket calf, feeder calf, breeding beef, market beef)
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Goat ( breeding meat goat, dairy goat, meat goat, hair goats, pygmy goats)
  • Poultry
  • Rabbit
  • Sheep (breeding and market)
  • Swine (breeding and market)


To attend an In-Person TrainingTWO DAYS PRIOR TO THE TRAINING - go to:

  • Enter the 4HOnline information for your family
  • Follow the prompts to the training you will attend
  • Select the 4-H age of the 4-H member
  • Pay the $3 fee by credit card
  • Attend the training on the date and time indicated
  • The Extension Office will certify your attendance
  • Your YQCA Certificate will be available online
  • Youth may test out in the YCQA on-line training link, this option is not available at the in-person training.

To acces the On Line Training, or to Test Out, go to:

Enter your family 4HOnline login and password information to access the courses for the active 4-H members in your family.  All 4-H members will need to use the 4-H tab and not the FFA tab even if they are members of both organizations.  Only active members will show in the drop down menu for access to the course.


  • To enroll in an Instructor Led training or an On Line Test, your 4-H member must be enrolled in 4HOnline for 2024.
  • 4-H members may attend an Instructor Led training outside of Phelps or Gosper County if those offered do not fit in your time schedule.
  • This training is good for ONE year.
  • In-person training does not require a test.
  • There will be no test out options available in either Extension Office in 2024. This offered in the on-line training only.
  • Fees support the online platform and training materials. It is not returned to either county.


  • Clover Kids - those youth who are 5-7 years of age are NOT required to do the YQCA training.  The training is not designed for their age or stage of education.