4-H News for Phelps and Gosper County

Red Nasturium2024 Special Garden Project:  Members are given seeds and guided through planting, growing and harveting seasons. Members can exhibit a cut flower at the fair - if all goes well.  Othewise, you can share their experience through a poster, story or video exhibit.  In 2024, 4-H members will work with the PRINCESS INDIA NATURIUM.  Call the Extension Office to sign up for this project.   To learn more, visit https://4h.unl.edu/special-garden-project to learn more.

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Gosper County 4-H Program

Phelps County 4-H Program

State Wide 4-H Program
  • 2024 Visual & Performing Arts Open Call 

    Calling all artists, creators and performers! We’d love to see what YOU do best. Submit your work for a chance to be featured at upcoming National 4-H events. We’re looking for singers, dancers, instrumentalists as well as visual artists and creators of all kinds. Enter today to showcase your unique talent on this national stage! Applications from students ages 14-19 accepted November 13th through January 1st.