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Empowering youth. Strengthening families. 
         Advancing agriculture.  Managing natural resources.  
                Creating financial security.  
                         Building successful businesses and communities.

Most Nebraskans aren’t aware of how much Extension is supporting them on a daily basis, in almost every area of their life. Many are aware of the services Extension provides to the agricultural community, but Extension provides expertise and know-how to sectors as diverse as nutrition, health care, and technology. From border to border, Nebraska Extension is making an incredible impact on the success of our state — its youth, its families, its farms and ranches, its communities, its economy.

UNL Phelps-Gosper Extension Staff

Unit of West Central Research & Extension Center


Todd Whitney, Extension Educator -  todd.whitney@unl.edu         
           Focus Area:  Crops, Productivity
           Focus Area Resources:   CropWatch.UNL.edu      and   Water.UNL.edu           


Leslie Crandall, Extension Educator - leslie.crandall@unl.edu 
           Focus Area:  Child, The Learning Child, Early Childhood Programs.
           Focus Area Resources:   Child.UNL.edu  

Linda Dannehl, Extension Educator  - linda.dannehl@unl.edu
           Focus Area:   Child,  4-H,  Career Development
           Focus Area Resources:    4h.UNL.edu

Lori Swanson, Phelps Extension Assistant  -  lori.swanson@unl.edu
Focus Area:  Child, 4-H,  4-H Science:  Science
           Focus Area Resources:  4h.UNL.edu

Paige Dexter, Phelps and Gosper Extension Assistant - paige.dexter@unl.edu
           Focus Area:  4-H, Agricultural and Animal Science
           Focus Area Resources:  4h.unl.edu

Support Staff:
        Gosper County - Kathy Beck,    kbeck2@unl.edu    
        Phelps County - Sandra Calvin,    scalvin2@unl.edu

Gosper County Courthouse Phelps Extension
Gosper County Extension Office
507 Smith, Elwood, NE 68937-0146
Phone: 308-785-2390
Fax: 308-785-2300
Email: gosper-county@unl.edu

Map to Gosper office
Phelps County Extension Office
1308 2nd St, Holdrege, NE 68949
Phone: 308-995-4222
Fax: 308-995-8581
Email: phelps-county@unl.edu

Map to Phelps office