Ages: PRE K-6th Grades

Cost: $5 per classroom per session

Learn science, technology, engineering, and math skills while getting to dive into hidden treasures located in your library! This year’s theme is “Tails and Tales” to inform youth about animal behaviors and habitats. The themes for each lessons are:

  • At Your Service: How does a cute, fluffy puppy become a life-changing service dog?
  • Adaptations: Do you ever wish you could blend into your surroundings? Learn how from the experts: ANIMALS! Join us for a story and a hands-on camouflage lesson.
  • Heads & Tails: How do you decide what you need and what you want? You could flip a coin or you could join us for a story and some hands-on fun!
  • Tales About Animal Tails: Swish, swish, splat! There are several things we can learn from the tail movements of different animals. Join us for a story and lesson on animal behavior!

(*Up to Four 30-60 minute sessions.)