Goals of 4-H School Enrichment is:

  • To provide educational programming to enrich and supplement the formal school curriculum.
  • For students to be able to relate their academic preparation to real world experiences through this linkage to Extension and community educators.
  • For the Nebraska Extension to provide 4-H curriculum and unique teaching methodologies within the context of the school setting.

With the starting of a new school year we want to remind all area schools and classroom teachers of the 4-H school enrichment resources that are available from your local Nebraska Extension office. Our website has been updated to reflect all current programs and in-school curriculum resources.

Following are the enrichment programs provided.

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Youth Science Field Day

(September 24th & 26th, 2019)

Is a day filled with demonstrations and hands-on learning about agriculture and biological sciences. The day allows high school students to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in real world situations. It also brings to the students' attention the importance of agriculture and biological sciences and how they apply in everyday life. Furthermore this day exposes students to potential job opportunities.

                               by the following methods:

  • Online- https://ssp.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_9M26Ardced0pEeV
  • Email- rsaner2@unl.edu
  • Phone (308) 532-2683
  • Fax- (308) 532-2692
  • Mail- 348 W State Farm Rd., North Platte, NE 69101

Registration is due by Friday, September 13, 2019.

For more information click here or contact Randy Saner (rsaner2@unl.edu) or Jenny Turner (jturner12@unl.edu) at (308) 532-2683.

       Get Fit Day

This program is being taken into school classroom in 2019.)

The 4th grade "Get Fit" day is a hands-on educational day to enrich classroom cirriculum in the foods/nutrition and physical fitness area. Students will move between different stations to learn about the different messages that can be learned in the field of foods/nutrition and physical fitness. For more information call the Extension Office at (308) 532-2683.

Email Brenda Aufdenkamp to schedule a class program.  baufdenkamp1@unl.edu

      AgVenture Day 

(Classroom Programs are being offered in 2020)

This is a day filled with many different learning stations. AgVenture Days uses hands-on learning to teach 3rd grade students about the importance of Agriculture, along with an understanding of the impact agriculture has in our everyday lives. For more information call the Extension Office at (308) 532-2683. Email: kate.marshall@unl.edu


        Outdoor & Farm Safety 

(April 8th, 2020)

Everyone knows someone whose life has been affected by a farm or outdoor activity related to injury or death. Even more tragic is that these incidents could have been prevented if simple safety precautions had been followed. This program for 2nd grade students offers activities that are age - appropriate, hands-on fun, and teach safety through education. Each students will be given a t-shirt, sponsored by Progressive Farmer, to wear at the days activities.  For more information call the Extension Office at (308) 532-2683.

      Water Riches

(April 30th, 2019)

The Water Riches program allows 4th and 5th grade students to connect to water. To do this they travel to Lake Ogallala and learn through a few stations about the many jobs a body of water possesses. For more information call the Extension Office at (308) 532-2683.


       Embryology Project  Image result for baby chick hatching clip art

(Spring 2019)

The study of life is designed to provide youth with background information and exciting expreiential activities dealing with life science for use in your classroom. Building on student curiosity, students can develop an understanding of biology concepts through direct experience with living things, their life cycles and their habitats. Your students will learn by listening, observing, experimenting and applying their knowledge to real-world situations. For more information call the Extension Office at (308) 532-2683. Click here for more information.  $10 Incubator Fee

      Contact Jenny Turner @ jenny.turner@unl.edu          


Nutrition Kit

The Nutrition Kit is an organized kit made up of a curriculum for teachers to instruct their grades K-5 students. The students will learn valuable information concerning their health and nutrition through lectures accompanied by interactive activities. This link provides more informative information on the program:


For more information call the Extension Office at (308) 532-2683.

 Germ Busters    

Infection control is serious business, but that doesn't stop the germs from making it fun. The Glitter bug wash show is a complete interactive, presentation that teaches the fundamentals or proper hand washing in an unforgettably entertaining way. Areas missed in routine hand washing flouresce a bright blush white color under the special lamp. One lesson is presented, 30 Minute minimum. 

Specific date and times will be arranged via email.

                            Contact Jenny Turner @ jenny.turner@unl.edu