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Brenda Aufdenkamp, recently assumed a  Food, Nutrition and Health Educator located in North Platte.  Her programming responsibilities include Lincoln, Logan, McPherson, Keith, Arthur and Perkins Counties.    


Brenda’s geographic region includes Lincoln, Keith, Perkins, Arthur, McPherson, and Logan Counties.   She will have responsibility to develop and deliver educational programs and resources as an active participant in Nebraska Extension’s statewide programming.

Through the 4-H Public Speaking Contest, youth have an opportunity to write a speech or a public service announcement (PSA) that incorporates the topic of 4-H and deliver it to an audience. The 4-H Public Speaking Contest helps youth develop skills for communicating about current issues to real audiences, learn how to organize and prepare a speech, develop speech delivery skills, learn how to present themselves to others, and develop self-confidence.

Age Division

Three age divisions are used at the District Public Speaking Contest and are based on the member's 4-H age (the age of the youth before January 1 of the current year).

Now is the time to join 4-H in Lincoln, Logan or McPherson counties.  You are encouraged to learn more about 4-H opportunities at

Summer Assistant Job Announcement University of Nebraska– Extension
In Lincoln, Logan and McPherson Counties Applications Due April 5th 2019

Why you should apply to be a summer assistant with University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension in Lincoln Logan and McPherson Counties?
 Learn more about a career with University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension.
 Gain experience in teaching in a non-formal setting to both youth and adult audiences.
 Add a valuable work experience to your resume.
 It’s a great summer job!

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Educate Yourself and Save a Life


Over 114,000 Americans are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.  Each year, that number on the waiting list continues to grow much larger than the number of donors.  Nearly 500 of those people live right here in Nebraska.  Statistically, 50 of them will die without receiving their needed life-saving procedure.


Even though 95% of adults in the United States support organ donation, only 54% actually sign up to do it, according to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.


What is a reasonable value to spend on beef replacement heifers for the coming 2017-2018 production season? Like many decisions this may seem very complex or difficult to determine, and it can be since there are many factors. The intention of this report is to help stakeholders in two ways. First letting them see some “best guesses” forecasts, using some common sources of information, i.e. FAPRI, Kansas State data. Secondly making it known that an electronic spreadsheet is available for individual use. For those wishing to make their own forecasts. Regardless of the complexity and the challenges faced in making a good prediction of heifer values, it is none the less important to do so.

Nebraska Extension in Lincoln, Logan & McPherson Counties

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