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Planning to home food preserve this year. Here is a LIVE webinar series to help answer all your questions.

All youth aged 14 and 15 who work on a farm or ranch other than their own MUST be certified through a Hazardous Occupations Course to obtain a Farm Husbandry Permit or “farm permit” without further testing.


Why you should apply to be a summer assistant with University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension in Lincoln Logan and McPherson Counties? Learn more about a career with University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension. Gain experience in teaching in a non-formal setting to both youth and adult audiences. Add a valuable work experience to your resume. It’s a great summer job!



Nebraska Extension in Lincoln, Logan & McPherson Counties

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Faculty Spotlight: Mariah Newmyer

April 12, 2021
Meet Mariah Newmyer, a food, nutrition and health Extension educator at the West Central Research and Extension Center.

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The Biggest Grower returns with summer learning, scholarship for high schoolers

April 7, 2021
Nebraska Extension and the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture will again be offering a student gardening competition this summer.

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LOG N 4-H leadership camp set for May 25-26 at Halsey

April 6, 2021
Leadership Opportunities for Growth in Nebraska 4-H (LOG N Camp), which gives western Nebraska youth in grades 5 through 7 (current school year) an opportunity to gain leadership skills while meeting students from across the Panhandle, will take place May 25-26 at the State 4-H Camp at Halsey.

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Panhandle Perspectives: With transition to Panhandle, UNL Variety Testing Program moves beyond winter wheat

April 6, 2021
With a new home in western Nebraska, the University of Nebraska variety testing program is looking toward a future of growth, new and enhanced partnerships, and additional opportunities to conduct research relevant to Nebraska crop producers and food processors.

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