2023 Master Gardener        

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2023 Native Plant Sale

Chapter 2


Soils & Plant Nutrients

Soils Homework

Soils Quiz

Chapter 1


Botany Slides

Botany Quiz

Botany Quiz-Readers Guide

March 14 - Sedge Plants in Container Planting and Gardens


The passcode is 031879

Sedges have the Edges

Native Sedges

March 7 - Seed Saving

Zoom Link

Passcode 031879

Seeds - Slideshow

Saving Seeds

Storing vegetable and flower seeds

February 28 - Evergreen Problems

Youtube Class on Evergreens

February 21 - Invasive Plants and Insects in Nebraska
February 14th - Strawberries and Other Fruits

Growing Small Fruits

February 7th - Bringing Back Pollinator Insect Habitats to Landscapes

Bring back the pollinators

Protecting pollinators

Habitat Assessment

Checklist of Actions

January 26th - Right Plants in Right Places and Environment


Class Quiz- https://forms.gle/3b7kc1Sc2dEdLYxE7



2022 Master Gardener 

October 20 -

Link for Master Gardener Programming Planning meeting at 6:30 p.m. Central/5:30 p.m. Mountain.


October 18 - Terrariums


October 11 -

Here is the link for the Master Gardener class at 6:30 p.m. Central/5:30 p.m. Mountain:


The class is covering the use of cold frames for extending the growing season, hardening transplants, and more. Here is a video for you to watch about cold frames to watch ahead from Oklahoma State University:


May 3 - Lawn Irrigation System Components/Maintenance

Register Here: Zoom Link "Understanding Underground Irrigation Systems"

April 26 - Herbicide Types and their Use

          Class Recording

          Class Quiz

          Pesticide Modes of Action

          Modes of Action Resources

April 19 - Common Lawn Disorders - (Class postponed-Email sent out)    
April 12 - Common Lawn Insect Pests

         Youtube - Insect Lawn Pests -David Lott

         Quiz - Lawn Insect Pests

         Insect Pests in turfgrass

         Turfgrass Insects Missouri Extension

         Turfgrass Insects Purdue University

         Fall Armyworms in Turf

         Turfgrass Entomology (billbugs)

         Turfgrass - Sod Webworms

April 5 - Efficient Irrigation System Maintenance

        Efficient Irrigation Practices

        Water Wise

        Recording-Water Conservation

March 29 - Trees for Western Nebraska

       Selecting Trees for Western Nebraska

       Tree Care Basics

       Deciduous Trees for Western Nebraska - David Lott

       Youtube - Deciduous Trees in Western Nebraska

March 22 - Bee/Insect Hotels

       Common Native Bees

       Flowering Plants that attract native bees

       Insect Hotels Powerpoint

       Bee Hotels for wild bees

       Creating a Solitary Bee Hotel

       How to build a hexagonal Insect Hotel

       How to build a vertical Insect Hotel

       How to build a horizontal Insect Hotel

        Youtube - Insect & Bee Hotels

March 15 - Local Master Gardener Updates/Q&A                                                                                                                                    

        Asparagus Information                                                                                                                                                        

        Companion Planting

        Squash vine borers

        Trellises and cages to support vegetables

        Vegetable Plant families and characteristics

        Vegetable Garden Seed Storage and Germination Requirements

        Selected Vegetable Cultivars for Nebraska

        Youtube: Question & Answer Evening

March 8 - Pollinator Gardening

       Pollinator Garden MG Class Quiz

       Cultivating Pollinator Habitat

       Butterfly Gardening

       Pollinator Gardening

       Soil Texture Analysis

       Youtube - Pollinator Gardens

March 1 - Attracting Birds with Plants

       Creating a Bird Friendly Garden

       The Impact of Native Plants

       Native Plants Importance

       Youtube - Attracting Birds with Plants

February 22 - Pruning Fruit Trees

       Pruning Fruit Trees - David Lott

       Fruit Tree Cultivars for Nebraska

       Home Fruit Tree Spray Schedule

       Pruning Fruit Trees - Nebraska

       Training and Pruning Peach and Cherry Trees

       Youtube - Pruning Fruit Trees

       Pruning Fruit Tree Quiz

February 15 - Ornamental Grasses and Sedges

       Native Grasses

       Native Sedges

       Ornamental Grass

       Youtube - Bob Hendrickson - Native grasses and sedges

February 8 - Starting Plants from Seed

      Saving and Starting Seeds Indoors

      Starting Seeds Indoors

      Light Stand Instructions

      Bloom Stages

February 1 - Nut Trees for Humans & Wildlife

      Nut Trees for Nebraska

      Nut Trees and Edibles

      Youtube - Justin Evertson - Nut Trees 2-1-22

January 25 - Finding Extension Hort Resources

     Horticulture Handy Resources

     Wildlife Damage Management

     Youtube - Finding Extension Resources

January 18 - No Till Vegetable Gardening

     Garden Planning Worksheet

     No Till Vegetable Garden

     Youtube - No till gardening: Part One

     Youtube - No till gardening: Part Two

January 11 - Master Gardener Welcome!

     Classification and Naming of Plants

     Common Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy Plants

     Identifying Landscape Plants

     Integrated Pest Management for Landscapes

Master Gardener Manuals

     Classification and Naming of Plants

     Common Signs and Symptoms of Unhealthy Plants

     Identifying Landscape Plants

     Integrated Pest Management for Landscapes

     Introduction to Entomology

     Introduction to Plant Diseases

     Managing turf and landscape weeds

     Mulching the Landscape

     Pesticide Safety in Landscapes

     Plant Growth Processes

     Plant Nutrients and Soil Fertility

     Planting the Landscape

     Protecting Landscape Plants

     Properties of Landscape Soils

     Wildlife Damage Management