The Food, Nutrition and Health program is focused on improving nutrition, physical activity, and food safety outcomes for Nebraskans. The Food Website is a pioneer in connecting all the Extension food-related areas of a university under one umbrella website.

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Food, Nutrition & Health

Here are eleven tips to help you maximize your trip to the grocery store.  See how these eleven steps can maximize your health, wallet, and time.

1.      Read nutrition labels. Be aware of sneaky ingredients that go by different names. When there’s more than one food choice, compare nutrition labels. Choose the item with the lowest amounts of sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and added sugars. 

Summer not only brings out barbecue grills, but also bacteria. Bacteria love the hot, humid days of summer, grow faster than at any other time of the year, and can cause foodborne illness. Summer barbecues are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company. Keep your barbecues with family
and friends healthy and safe this summer with the following tips.


Nebraskans are excited as they prepare their gardens anticipating what they want to home preserve throughout the growing season.  Step-by-step instructions from approved, research tested recipes must be followed to assure foods are preserved safely.

Nebraska Extension is offering hands-on workshops in North Platte, Imperial, and Grant to guide the home food preservation process.  

As Nebraskans are returning to their homes following the recent wild fires.  Nebraska Extension has available resources to help answer and assist the decisions that need to be made following these tragedies.    

Those affected by recent wildfires are likely unsure where to begin.  It is vital that you follow safety guidelines that are being facilitated by area emergency management agencies. 

Join us on May 3 from 7:00 to 8:00 pm and learn how to correctly freeze your garden produce or those tasty fruits and vegetables that you purchase throughout the summer season.  Register at:  https://go.unl.edufreezingclass

Excited to begin preparations to preserve the great flavors of the growing season.  Follow step-by-step instructions from approved, research tested recipes to assure you preserve a safe home canned product.  For recipes or other food preparations, see the National Center for Home Food Preservation: