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Lincoln-Logan-McPherson 4-H Enrollment

There will be no paper forms to submit for enrollment! Enrollment Deadline is April 15, 2019.

We are trying a new means of communication to help remind you of major upcoming events and deadlines. This means is throught text message. If you are willing/wanting to try this new straight forward means of communication you must sign up for it when you enroll/re-enroll. Further insstructionns are included in the 4-H/Volunteer enrollment instructions.

Returning 4-H Members DO NOT need to set up a profile since you already have an account.  Your login is your email address.  If you have forgotten or do not know your password, please select "I forgot my password".  A temporary password will be sent via email.

You are required to re-enroll for the 2016-2017 4-H year.  Profile infromation may have changed so it is important that everyone (youth and volunteers) update their profile before submitting.  Please be sure to double check your address, phone number, and email address and update if needed. ( Please notify the office with any address or email changes.)


Lincoln-Logan-McPherson 4-H Portfolio/Award Guidelines

All enrolled 4-H’ers are eligible to apply for 4-H Awards by utilizing the 4-H Career Portfolio.  Several types of recognition are given:  county award medals, trips to camp and other 4-H activities, award certificates, and outstanding member vouchers.  Specific details on completing your 4-H Career Portfolio can be found at:

  • To be eligible you must submit your 4-H Career Portfolio by 5:00 P.M. October 15th to the Extension Office.

  • 4-H members must be enrolled during the current 4-H year in the project or activity that matches the award you are seeking.  Any 4-H member completing one year of 4-H project work is eligible to apply for awards.  All state award recipients must be 15 to 19 4-H age during the current calendar year in which they receive the award.  A 4-H’er must have at least two years of completed project work to be eligible to apply.

  • 4-H members may win the county medal in a curriculum area or project ONLY ONCE.  For State competition, a member may submit records in any area they feel their records are outstanding after they have received the County medal.  Each member is limited to two curriculum area at the State competition each year.

Lincoln County
  •  Five vouchers of $100.00 each are awarded  yearly determined by their 4-H Career Portfolio.  The award will be judged using the accomplishment review form.  Twenty-five percent of the points will be from an essay of no more than 1-page in length on the topic below to be chosen by the 4-H Council.

2017 theme - “4-H Making A Difference”

  • The award can be won by an individual 4-H member three times and can be accumulated.  The award must be used while the youth is a 4-H member or the award is forfeited.  The vouchers may only be used for 4-H activities.
  • 4-H Camp scholarships are awarded annually to 5 Lincoln County members who submit an essay of no more than 1-page in length telling “why they want to go to 4-H camp.”
Logan County
  • Logan County 4-H  Career Portfolio Application sheet should be completed by each 4-H member to check which awards they are applying for.  Click here for Entry Form.
How many applications can be submitted?

Counties may set their own limitations on the number of incentives an individual may apply for at the county level.  For competition beyond the county level, an individual 4-H member:

  • At the county level a 4-H participant may be selected for district/state competition in two curriculum areas resulting in a trip to National 4-H Youth Congress.
  • May apply in two curriculum areas for National 4-H Youth Congress regardless of place of residence. (For example: an individual belonging to two clubs in different counties may only submit two books for National 4-H Youth Congress considerations, not two books per county of membership.)
  • Each County may submit the following quotas to district/state competition:

Animal Science - 7
Communication & Expressive Arts - 4
Consumer & Family Science - 5
Environmental Education & Earth Science - 4
Healthy Lifestyles - 5
Leadership & Citizenship - 6
Plant Science - 4
Science & Technology - 4 

How many awards can I receive?
  • 4-H participants can only represent Nebraska in one curriculum area.  If a 4-H member is fortunate enough to win in two areas, they must choose which curriculum area they want to be recognized.  Make sure first and second choices are marked on the curriculum area on the 4-H Career Portfolio entry sheet.
  • 15 applicants will be chosen for partial scholarships to attend National 4-H Congress.  Alternates may attend National 4-H Congress at their own expense.
  • A 4-H member may only attend National 4-H Youth Congress one time and National 4-H Conference one time.  (Please refer to the state 4-H web page to understand the difference between these two programs.)
  • 4-H members who win an award to attend National 4-H Youth Congress or National 4-H Conference and decline the award are eligible to compete for the same incentive in future years.  There is no guarantee they will be selected in subsequent years.


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