A Closer Look at ENREEC near Mead, NE

The Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center (ENREEC) was formerly known as the University of Nebraska Agricultural Research and Development Center (ARDC).

The scope and diversity of ongoing research projects at this location combines to make the site one of the most unique research facilities in the United States. The site is a major research and education facility of the Agricultural Research Division of the University of Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR). The size and diversity of the center offers many research and educational opportunities. Through its strategic planning process, IANR has set a course for agricultural research, extension and teaching that will help ensure a financially solid and environmentally sound agricultural future for Nebraska. This site plays a key role in implementing the action plans that support this leadership process.

The site consists of approximately 9,663 acres (3,912 hectares).   About half of the land base is in row crops. Fifty percent of those row crops are irrigated. The balance of the site is predominately in cool and warm season pastures. Over 6,000 domestic farm animals used for research and teaching reside onsite as well.

The size and diversity offers many research and educational opportunities in integrated systems research. And our educational programs attract about 5,000 people each year.

Where we are at...and what's going on.

Here are a few quick links to help you get to ENREEC and to learn more about us:

Research and Extension at ENREEC

The Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center is the host site to many research projects and Extension programs.  We highlight the areas involved in research/education here, as well as several flagship programs. 

At the Center

The following entities listed below are headquartered at the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension Center.