What is the GNBC?

UNL’s Greater Nebraska Business Center is a formal partnership of business service staff from the Eastern Nebraska (Eastern Nebraska), West Central (North Platte), and Panhandle (Scottsbluff) Research and Extension Centers.

Currently, there are eight business centers within the UNL Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR). Each business center includes a manager and staff members who handle human resources/payroll, accounting, grant administration and other specialized services.

The development of business centers was a response to several factors, including budgetary issues facing the University, limited financial and human resources, and the University of Nebraska wide Administrative Systems Project implementation of the SAP management software. SAP allows the University to operate one business system for financial management, budgeting, human resource and payroll functions.

By leveraging expertise to develop best business practices, review internal controls, and solve problems jointly, the business center concept improves business processes in a cost effective manner. The framework of a business center also provides the mechanism for improving communications by sharing innovative ideas, improving use of technology, and managing change. Since 2003, the business staff at the ARDC has provided professional, high-quality administrative support services to the faculty, staff and administration within the ASSIST Business Center.

Effective July 1, 2010, the business staff at the ENREC (formerly the ARDC) joined the Greater Nebraska Business Center (GNBC) team. The reorganization opportunity united the business teams and strengthened the support to faculty and staff served by the Nebraska Research and Extension Centers. The ASSIST Business Center, under new leadership and with current Lincoln-based support staff, continues to serve IANR departments. However, ASSIST and the GNBC have a reciprocal relationship. For example, some of the financial and payroll responsibilities will be shared and backup personnel resources are provided when needed.

Employee Resources: 

Greater Nebraska Business Center Staff

Lora Buck-Hazlett Managerial-Professional 402-624-8000  
Karen Christiansen Managerial-Professional 308-696-6731  
Stephanie Cole Managerial-Professional 308-696-6719  
William Duly Managerial-Professional 402-624-8086  
Lisa Hastings Managerial-Professional 402-624-8039  
Traci Hummel Managerial-Professional 402-624-8035  
Cheryl Lanik Managerial-Professional 402-624-8002  
Judy Rastede Managerial-Professional 402-584-2261  
Ruby Urban Managerial-Professional 402-624-8009  
Brandy Brentlinger Support Staff 402-472-5239  
Stefani Cruz Support Staff 308-633-3802  
Lori French Support Staff 402-624-8036  
Carli Harris Support Staff 308-633-3101  
Ellen Heil Support Staff 308-696-6701  
Jacque Herrick Support Staff 308-696-6740  
Sharon Holman Support Staff 308-632-1255  
Pamela Joern Support Staff 308-632-1257  
Kay Klundt Support Staff 402-624-8084  
Jodi Mackin Support Staff 402-624-8037  
Pat Neben Support Staff 308-696-6722  
Susan O Keefe Support Staff 308-696-6732  


  • Ruby Urban, Assistant Director, IANR Business Operations
  • 1071 County Road G
  • Ithaca, NE 68033
  • 402-624-8009
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