Food, Nutrition & Health


The Food, Nutrition and Health program is focused on improving nutrition, physical activity, and food safety outcomes for Nebraskans. The Food Website is a pioneer in connecting all the Extension food-related areas of a university under one umbrella website.

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Food, Nutrition & Health

Eating Smart and Moving More - 

This nutrition education program will focus on 7 topics that addrss the fundamentals of eating healthy meals on a budget, and the importance of physical activity. Each lesson will be taught by a Registered Dietitian and will focus on a different topic to help you to Eat Smart and Move More.  Lessons include recipe sampling and cooking techniques.

The Healthy Food Retail Recognition Program in Dodge, Saunders and Washington County — Choose Healthy Here — has been selected as one of 50 members of the HealthyCommunity50 in the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge to receive a $10,000 Community Seed Award.

By participating in the Challenge, the Nebraska Extension office in Dodge County is in the running to receive additional funds that would support its local program.

  The Nutrition Education Program (NEP) helps families on a limited budget make healthier food choices and choose physically active lifestyles by acquiring the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior changes necessary to improve their health. NEP is free to all participants who meet income guidelines. Additionally, NEP participates in Policies, Systems and Environmental (PSE) strategies that impact communities.