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The Dodge County 4-H youth and families are excited to showcase their projects at the 2018 Dodge County Fair. August 1 - 5 at the Dodge County Fairgrounds at Scribner, Nebraska.

Come out to see their acheivements and join in the fun!

Schedules and fair information can be found at the Dodge County Fair Web Site.

4-H Fair Exhibitor Guide information.

Results of Dodge County 4-H Fair Shows.

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4-H & FFA Exhibitors from the following counties: Burt, Butler, Colfax, Cuming, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy, Saunders and Washington.

Sponsored by:  Fremont 4-H Expo Board and Nebraska Extenion

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 By Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator Kathleen Cue

The most important thing to understand about Japanese beetles is their feeding doesn’t kill trees, shrubs and flowers.  Granted, it isn’t fun to see the lacy leaves they’ve created, but pesticide management options require thought and planning before you set out for revenge.

Systemic insecticides, for instance those containing the active ingredient imidacloprid, are taken in by plant tissues.  Systemics may have a label for application to trees and shrubs but before these are used, the applicator should make sure the plant is past its flowering stage in order to protect pollinators. Also, a systemic product can never be used on linden trees. 

By Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator Kathleen Cue, Dodge County

 Twisting, curling, and cupping of leaves are often symptomatic of herbicide damage on vegetable plants. The culprits that most readily cause this type of damage include 2,4-D (used to kill broadleaf weeds in lawns and pastures), dicamba (lawn and crop broadleaf weeds) and picloram (pasture broadleaf weeds). These herbicides are plant growth regulators, killing weeds by stimulating excessive growth and exhausting the plant’s carbohydrate reserves. When vegetable plants are exposed to smaller amounts of these herbicides, then distortion of growth results.


Nebraska Extension in Dodge County

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