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Dodge County 4-H

The Dodge County Extension office is accepting applications for a full-time staff position.  This position will provide 4-H / Youth program and general office support in the Nebraska Extension Office in Fremont.  

"My favorite color is a sunset." - Unknown Author

Dodge County held its annual 4-H Achievement Celebration, Sunday November 8th, in a Virtual Format.  This year's event was hosted by Karna Dam, Extension Educator on Zoom.  Presenting the awards and honors this year were the 2020 Dodge County 4-H Ambassadors: Emily Brodd, Erin Franzluebbers, Emily Miller, and Brooklyn Reynolds.  

This year Dodge County 4-H was proud to announce a 45-Year volunteer, Myron Andrews.  Myron has helped countless 4-H Horse youth develop in their horsemanship skills.  This is truly a milestone.  Congratulations, Myron!

The Dodge County 4-H Council voted Tuesday evening, Nov. 2nd, to hold the Annual Achievement Celebration Virtually this year.  Please see the Friday, November 6th Blast for more information and a link to Sunday's Virtual Celebration!

It is time to celebrate the accomplishments of your 2020 4-H year. The annual 4-H Achievement Celebration will be held on Sunday, November 8th beginning at 5:00pm. This year’s event will again be held at the North Bend City Auditorium.

Working cooperatively with Three Rivers Public Health Department and United Way, Dodge County 4-H has accepted the challenge to assist in obtaining much needed Face Masks, Isolation Gowns and Surgical Caps. These supplies will be distributed to individuals in Dodge, Saunders and Washington County who need them. Saunders and Washington County 4-Hers are also contributing to this effort.

New patterns have been posted. PLEASE consider being a part of this extremely important community service project.

*DUE MARCH 2nd to Nebraska Extension Office by 4:30 p.m.