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Thursday, March 30th beginning at 6:00 pm at Masonic Home for Children, Fremont

Participating in the 4-H Speech and Presentation Contest helps you develop confidence in your ability to speak in front of others. You learn to organize your thoughts and to share those thoughts with others. All speeches and presentations must relate in some way to 4-H. 4-H’ers may select any style of speech they would like (informative, persuasive, motivational, entertaining, or action) 4-H public speaking participants may not use any visual aids and their speech must be original. 4-H presentations may be either illustrated talks using posters or actual demonstrations showing a process.

Over 150 crops in the U.S. are pollinated by insects.  Join Nebraska Extension experts to learn more about pollinators, the Nebraska Habitat Certification Program and talk with certified habitat gardeners.  You will also have the opportunity to tour the certified Cherry Creek Pollinator Habitat located behind the Lancaster Extension Education Center.  

Regisration fee is $5 per participant.

Pollinator Class & Open House Registration Form

Check out more horticulture information at the Community Environment web page.

It's that time of year again to start enrolling for the 2017 4-H year.  The process is going to be the same as last year and you can find a step by step guide here.

Dodge County 4-H online enrollment must be completed (including the $10 online payment) by ENROLLMENT DEADLINE June 15, 2017.  We encourage you to enroll by May 1 so you do not miss out on important 4-H information.

The 2017 growing season is just around the corner.  As you check important "to do" items off your list remember to look at your Nebraska Department of Agriculture pesticide applicator card to see if this is your year to recertify.  If your certification expires April 15, 2017 you will need to attend a private pesticide applicator training.  

The list of dates for Dodge and Washington counties can be found at Crop Tech Cafe.

As a result of the post-fair meetings and the recommendations brought before the 4-H Council at their November meeting, the following changes will be implemented in 2017.

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Nebraska Extension in Dodge County

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