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Colfax County 4-H Camps and Workshops

Summer 2019 Workshops Information PDF

Deadline to sign up: 1 WEEK before the workshop date. Call the office to sign up!

  • June 4: Photography 101: Introductory workshop focusing on photography basics such as lighting, composition, and background. You will learn what makes a good photo. No experience necessary. Older youth can attend if they have no previous photography experience. Participants need to bring something to take pictures with  (phone, tablet, camera) to practice.            Where: Fairgrounds   When: 1-4 PM

  • June 5: Upcycling: Join us as we learn how to stain wood items! We will put them together to make an upcycled project for the fair!

    Where: Fairgrounds   When: 1-4 PM   Cost: $15

  • June 7: Adventure Day Camp: It’s an Outdoor Adventure Day where we will enjoy food, fun, friends and water activities as we create projects for the fair and learn about the safety of outdoor activities!

    Where: Neligh Park, West Point   When: 7:45 AM to 3:30 PM   Cost: $35

  • June 12: Unicorn Spit: Join us as we examine color theory using a vibrant, non-toxic and washable stain to make brilliantly colored projects for fair!

    Where: Fairgrounds   When: 1-4 PM   Cost: $15

  • June 13: Pajama Pants: (limit 10 participants) Sleep well in pajama pants sewn by YOU! Must have sewing experience. Bring one yard of 1 inch wide elastic and at least two yards of flannel or cotton material. NO FLEECE. Please bring a sack lunch.

    Where: Heun Church   When: 9 AM-3 PM  

  • June 20: Clover Kid Color Day: It’s all about the wonderful world of COLOR! Join us as we explore what makes color so bright and how to make new colors from all of our favorite colors!

    Where: Heun Church   When: 1-4 PM   Cost: $ 15

  • June 21: Painting Workshop: This unique workshop helps you learn basic brush techniques and composition while using a variety of painting techniques. Costs include all of your materials and three hours of fun learning!

    Where: Fairgrounds   When: 2-5 PM   Cost: $20 for 4-H members $35 for non-members (frames cost extra)

  • June 27: Clover Kid Space Day: Come explore Outer Space with us as we discover what it is like to be astronauts and live in outer space!

    Where: Heun Church   When: 1-4 PM   Cost: $15

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