Boone County Fair Information

2024 4-H Story and Picture Story

Please submit your 4-H Story, and you will successfully complete your 4-H year to be eligible for membership pins.

2024 Boone County Fair is July 6-10
Static and Horse Event Fair Entries Due June 14, 2024 at 4:30 pm

We will NOT be using the online entry procedure for the County Fair due to rising cost of making the online program available to the public. Please use the fillable form below, or stop in the office for an entry form.

4-H Food Preservation Cards
Photography Data Tags
Clothing Design Data Cards

Attach Data Card to:

  • Beyond the Needle C221003 through C221008
  • STEAM 2 & 3 Upcycled Garment and Accessory Classes C222003 & C222004
  • STEAM 3 Upcycled Garment and Accessory Classes C223001 & C223002
Fashion Show
Fiber Arts Data Card
Home Environment Supporting Information
Visual Arts Supporting Information
Livestock Entries due Wednesday, June 26, 2024

As noted above, we will not be using the online entry procedure for the County Fair. Please complete the fillable form below, or stop in the office for a copy. Please include horse stalls needed.

Bucket Calf Record
County Fair Deadline Policy

Remember both the Boone & Nance County 4-H Councils have passed a motion to help curtail county fair entry tardiness.

Late County General Fair entries of up to one week after the deadline will be accepted with a paid fee of $5.00 per work day. No late general fair entries will be accepted after one week. Individuals will need to make their appeal to their respective 4-H Council after one week.

Entries for county fair livestock (beef, sheep, swine, dairy and goat) are due closer to the respective county fair.

The above livestock entries are due in the Boone County Office by June 26. A late fee of $5.00 per project day will be assessed after the deadline. No entries accepted after June 28.

State Fair Entries

State Fair Website:

Go to this link to enter In-Person non-livestock Contests (Fashion Show, Robotics Showcase, Contests, and Presentations) and Livestock Entries (beef, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, and rabbits) by 8:00 pm central time on August 10.

For Static Entries, bring the items to the Extension Office between August 10 and August __, and entries will be made by Extension Staff. 

Food and Floriculture/Horticulture should call or email the Extension Office by August __ and let us know what you will be bringing, so the entries can be made. Bring your actual items to the Office on August __ by noon, as we will be transporting the exhibits to Grand Island at that time.

County Fair Exhibitor Guide
Static ExhibitsLive AnimalsContestsFFA
Agronomy, Field Crops, Weed Science National Code of Show Ring Ethics Fashion Show Ag Education
Booths & Club Exhibits 4-H & FFA County Fair Policies Favorite Foods Review, Culinary Challenge Industrial Arts
Citizenship Livestock Herdsmanship, Educational Displays, Showmanship Judging, Skill, & Identification Contests
Clothing Beef Music Contest
Clover Kids Sheep Presentation & Speech Contests
Conservation & Wildlife Swine Premier Science Award
Consumer Education Dairy
Entomology Goats
Entrepreneurship Horse
Floriculture, Horticulture Poultry
Foods, Nutrition, & Food Preservation Rabbits
Forestry Cats
Heritage Dogs
Home Design & Restoration Other Pet or Small Animal
Human Development Round Robin Showmanship
Knitting, Crochet, & Weaving
Leadership & Personal Development
Model Building
Posters, News-Secretary Books, Misc, Camp-Workshop Exhibits
Quilt Quest
Range Management
STEM Computers
STEM Electricity
STEM Geospatial

STEM Physics-Alternative-Renewable Energy

STEM Robotics
STEM Rockets & Drones
STEM Welding
STEM Woodworking
Shooting Sports
Special Exhibit Projects
Veterinary Science
Visual Arts