Do you have questions about your lawn, garden, trees or plants and wonder where to get answers?

Lawn and Garden Resources

will take you to the UNL website that is chock full of answers and resources for you.

Backyard Farmer

Backyard Farmer is dedicated to helping you find solutions to your lawn and garden questions. Every year from spring to fall, our panel of experts deals with topics from insects, turf and weeds, rots and spots, landscapes, vegetables, and critters, as well as landscape design and general horticulture topics.

Nebraska Extension Master Gardener

Master Gardeners are people who love plants, gardening, landscaping, and teaching others. To earn a title of Extension Master Gardener, individuals enroll in the program and receive 40 hours of training from University of Nebraska–Lincoln faculty in many horticulture-related topics, then volunteer 40 hours of gardening and horticulture related work.  They contribute time as volunteers, working through their local extension office, to provide horticulture-related information to their community. More specifically, they provide education about sustainable horticultural practices.