4-H Enrollment

Nebraska 4-H has transitioned to 4honline2.0. For returning families, please do not create a new account; rather use your log-in credentials for 4honline used in previous years.

New Member Welcome Packet - Information for the new 4-H family.

Youth who would like to participate in 4-H in Stanton County must be enrolled as a 4-H member to participate in a 4-H club and exhibit 4-H projects at county fair. All 4-H families will enroll in clubs and projects through 4HOnline at http://v2.4honline.com.

Youth that were previously will need to update the information on their profile - phone numbers, addresses, any information that has changed. It is very important to keep this information up to date. Projects and clubs will also need to be updated. Check carefully to make sure you enter all projects that 4-H member is considering for county fair. 4-H Code of Conduct, permission and health forms are all online. There will be no paper forms to submit for enrollment.

If your child is in Shooting Sports, both the Health Form and Shooting Sports Code of Conduct must be completed.

Returning Member Enrollment Instructions

NEW Member Enrollment Instructions

Returning Volunteer Enrollment Instructions

NEW Volunteer Enrollment Instructions

Project List - list of all projects available in Stanton County for Members, Clover Kids and Volunteers.

Pick Your Project - an online project selection guide used to explore over 150 Nebraska 4-H projects and resources, and their related educational programs and opportunities.

Project Manuals may be purchased from UNL Marketplace and National 4-H Supply.

Once the submitted form has been reviewed by our office, it will be accepted (assuming no changes need to be made). You will be able to log-in anytime to check what projects you are enrolled in and to update any information. No changes to projects can be made after June 15.

A couple of notes:

Photos: If you want your child’s picture in the paper, you must check ‘Yes’ on the Photo Release. Otherwise your child will not be included in any photos.

FFA members will not be able to enroll online and need to contact the office for a paper form.

To complete your enrollment, dues of $10 per family will need to be submitted to our office. Families with only Cloverbuds &/or leaders do not pay dues. Dues can be dropped off at the office or mailed to Nebraska Extension in Stanton County, 302 6th St., Stanton, NE 68779. (We do have a black dropbox located north of the office by the back door for your convenience.)

Contact your 4-H Leader or the Extension Office at 402-439-2231 or Stanton-County@unl.edu if you have any questions.

Youth Safety

Keeping the children and youth in the 4-H program is one of the most important things that we do.  In order to assure the safety of the youth in our programs the University of Nebraska-Lincoln has instituted a Youth Safety Policy.  Key issues include:

  • making sure that staff and volunteers working with 4-H’ers have been screened to make sure that there is no history of abuse or neglect
  • all 4-H’ers have access to first aid and CPR treatment in the case of accidents
  • youth will not be alone in one-on-one situations with unrelated adults 
  • all adults will be using common sense measures to assure the safety of the youth in their care

Parents can be assured that the adults working with their children have the best interest of the child in mind as they mentor and lead 4-H programs.

Youth Safety PowerPoint

Volunteer Screening

All Nebraska 4-H volunteers must complete volunteer screening before volunteering with 4-H in any capacity. Volunteers need to complete an online screening application. To begin the screening process, please contact the Nebraska Extension in Stanton County office at 402-439-2231 or Stanton-county@unl.edu

Volunteers are screened in order to ensure a safe, positive and nurturing environment for all youth involved with Nebraska 4-H programs and provide protection for the child, volunteer, educator, 4-H Council, Extension Board, and UNL Extension.