Scrapie Tag Information for Sheep & Goat Exhibitors

Animal Identification Guidelines - 2024

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA)

All youth enrolled in Beef, Goat, Dairy Cattle, Poultry, Rabbit, Swine and/or sheep are required to complete LQCA. Deadline is June 1. 4-H'er will not be able to exhibit animals at the fair if they have not complete the course. Please print completion certificate and turn in to the office.

Parents will be able to create a parent account and add children to the family account.

 YQCA Instructions - for help, click the Help Button to send an email or use the chat feature. Customer Support will be provided M-F 10 am - 6 pm CST. Please be patient as they get back to you on your requests. As trainings increase so do the help desk tickets. 
Instructions with visuals.

Help Video - explains how to create a YQCA account, add children, purchase and take web-based courses, and download or print your certificate.

  1. Go to from your computer browser and select Login & Register Tab.
  2. Register to create a new account - this will be your parent account.
  3. Enter your birthdate.
  4. Complete registration info for owner of account.
  5. Retrieve email to validate registraton and complete parental consent.

Add a child.

  1. Select Add Child.
  2. Complete reggistration. Select Submit or Submit and Add Another Child.
  3. Complete Data Sharing Consent.
  4. View child dashboard to edit child profiles, delete a child and add children.

Purchasing Web Based Training

  1. Go to Home page and select a course. Select Add to Cart. Multiple courses may be added to cart and multiple licenses of one training can be purchased.
  2. Select Proceed to Buy.
  3. Enter credit/debit card details.
  4. To view purchased trainings select Purchased Courses. Here is a list or courses that have been purchased.

Complete Web-Based Training

  1. Return to Home page and select Take Course.
  2. Select user to take course.
  3. Before launching course, take pre-course survey. NOTE: users ,ust pass 3 quizzes to achieve certification: Animal Well-Being, Food Safety, and Life Skills. Select a Knowlege Builder and Skills Lab to gain knowledge and test skill. User status will show throughout to track progress.
  4. Select Exit Activity, Jump To or the arrows under the module to return to menu page to select another Knowledge Builder, Skills Lab , or Quiz.
  5. Once all quizzes hae been passed , sign out.
  6. Log back in to take post-course survey and access certificate.

Printing Certification

  1. Access your certificate using dropdown menu under Course Certificates. Select the + to see dropdown on completed courses.
  2. Select the blue button to download certificate.
  3. On a PC computer, the downloaded PDF will be available in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and in the Downloads folder.
  4. On a Mac computer, the downloaded PDF will be available in your browser downloads at the bottom of the window and in the Downloads folder.
  5. On an iPhone, you will have the option to save yoiur downloaded PDF to yoiur photos, files, or other applications you have on your phone.
  6. Rename and/or move the file to a location that is easilt accessible for future use. To print PDF, select printer icon and send to local printer.

Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD)

Effective January 1, 2017 all livestock producers that us antibiotic medicated feeds to prevent, treat or control animal health issues will be required to get a written order or VFD from a veterinarian to purchase and feed these feeds. The regulation will only affect antibiotics administered infeed or water for livestock. The VFD Regulation will affect all food producing animals (sheep, goat, swine, poultry, beef cattle, dairy cattle). Currently there are no feed antimicrobials labeled for rabbits.

Youth Livestock Programs and the VFD Flyer

Nebraska VDF Webpage

Premises ID

Exhibitors of 4-H and FFA beef, sheep, swine and goats that carry an EID tag will be required to obtain a Premises ID number through the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at no cost to the exhibitor.

Premises ID Flyer

Animal ID Sheets

Breeding Beef                                     Bucket Calf

Feeder Calf                                          Market Beef

Cow/Calf Pair                                     Dairy Cow    

Market Sheep                                     Breeding Sheep

Dairy Goat                                           Meat Goat

Breeding Goat                                    

Market Swine - Draw Notches           Write Notches

Breeding Swine

Horse                                                    Rabbit

Animal ID Guidelines


Exhibiting at County Fair Only:

1. Pick up tags & ID sheets at the Extension Office. Hours: 7 am - 5 pm, Monday - Thursday.

2. Photo ID: Turn in photo of 4-H'er with calf - tag must be visible in the ear. (Breeding heifers do not need a tag if they have a tattoo.)

3. Photos & ID sheets are due in the office by June 1.

State Fair Exhibitors:

Market and Feeders - need an EID tag & DNA samples taken.

Breeding heifers - need a tattoo or EID tag & DNA samples taken.

It will be your responsibility to get the DNA pulled and information submitted online. Contact the office for a State Fair instructions packet, EID tags and DNA envelopes.


will be ID'ed by scrapie tag. ID sheet needs to be turned into office.


Tattooing is May 23, 5:30 - 6:30 pm. Rabbits only need to come if they need to be tattooed. Showmanship clinic will be held during this time and is open to all 4-H'ers. ID sheet needs to be turned into office.


ID sheet needs to be turned into office.

Please contact the office for tags and more information. 

Bucket Calf Record Books

Ages 5 - 7 - Cloverbud

Ages 8 and 9

Ages 10 and 11