4-H clover  County & State Fair Books

2022 Stanton County Fairbook *(PDF) 

2022 Nebraska 4-H State Fairbook

State Fair Results                                                                                               

4-H clover  Forms

$15 Shopping Challenge Form *(PDF)  

Fashion Show Letter & Form *(PDF)

Entry Form *(PDF)  

Horticulture Pre-Entry Form *(PDF)

Food Preservation Card *(PDF) for both canned & dried

Crop Production Project Worksheet *(PDF)

4-H clover  Cat

Cat Showmanship Worksheet

Cat Vaccination Form

4-H clover  Dog

Dog Vaccination Form *(PDF)

4-H clover Human Development

Do I have what it takes to be YOUR Babysitter - Student Guide 

Do I have what it takes to be YOUR Babysitter - Student Worksheet

4-H clover Horseless Horse Clover Kids Project

Horse Parts

4-H clover  Exhibit Information Tags

Home Environment Tags *(PDF) Also used for Quilt Quest C229 Classes 20, 21 & 22

Visual Arts Supporting Information

Photography Data Tag Instructions *(PDF)

Photography I Data Tag *(PDF)

Photography II Data Tag *(PDF)

Photography III Data Tag *(PDF)

Food Preservation Card - Fillable *(PDF)

Food Preservation Card - Printable *(PDF)

4-H clover  Culinary Challenge

Culinary Challenge Contest Rules

Culinary Challenge Scoresheet

Resources for the Culinary Challenge Contest (formerly Favorite Foods Revue)

4-H clover  Horticulture

Guide to Growing Great Houseplants

Guide to Selecting Houseplants

Preparing Cut Flowers *(PDF)

Selecting & Preparing Vegetables, Herbs, & Fruit *(PDF)                

4-H clover  Auction

Auction Letter/Receipt  

Auction List of Contacts