Scrapie Tag Info for Sheep & Goat Exhibitors

Market Sheep, Breeding Sheep, Market Goats, Breeding Goats need USDA scrapies tags for identification for 4-H and State Fair. 

  • Scrapie Control and Eradication Regulations - The Scrapie Control and Eradication Regulations became effective on September 30, 2005. Copies of the Scrapie Control and Eradication Regulations can be obtained by going to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at
  • Scrapie Flock Identification Number - To be assigned a Scrapie Flock ID Number Contact:
    Sheri L Gillham
    Veterinary Program Asst/NVAP Coordinator NE & KS
    USDA VS Field Ops NE
    5940 S 58th St
    Lincoln, NE 68516
    Phone: 402.434.2302
    Fax: 402.434.2330


  • You will need to get your own USDA official scrapie ID to tag your animals. Info attached. Scrapie ID number paperwork will need to be turned in to the office to be kept on file.
  • You will need to complete ID sheets and turn them into the office.

 Deadline – June 1.

Information on scrapie regulations.