4-H Member Enrollment

4-H Program Year 2023-24 

The 4-H year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to plan for the next year. 4-H Enrollment for 2023-24 opens on November 1. Please go ahead and begin the process following the 1st. You may make changes up through the spring. This will help us make sure our records are kept up-to-date and that we are sending information to the correct addresses. All 4-H members and volunteers need to re-enroll each year. The website is v2.4honline.com. The website will be unavailable between September 28 and October 31 for maintenance. It is important to note that when enrolling for next year, do not count clover kid years when entering years in 4-H. We use this number to determine who gets year pins at the Achievement Party.