2018 Clover Colleges

Barnwood Quilt

Youth got to select from several barnwood quilt options. Youth sanded, stained/painted, and arranged their barnwood quilts. 

collage of people making barnwood quilt

Southern Biscuits

After mixing up several different recipies and evaluating the texture, flakeyness, and taste youth determined the best biscuit recipie, sure to impress the judge! 

collage of kids making Southern biscuits

Wildlife Diorama

Youth researched different wildlife habitats and then selected which habitiat they would like to create. There were several different wildlife dioramas created. 

Fruit Leather

This healthy snack is just so easy to make! Youth got to experiment with two different methods to create fruit leather.

collage of kids making fruit leather

Horse Camp

Youth spent the day horsin' around and learning about everything horse!  Youth learned riding tips, horse nutrition and even got to make a craft and healthy horse treats!

collage of kids with horses

Homemade Icecream

It was a hot day, and cold ice cream was the perfect treat. Clover kids learned about dairy products and how easy it is to make a yummy treat!

collage of kids making ice cream


This was a great  sewing workshop, requiring lots of patience and trouble shooting!  

collage of kids sewing

Meat Cuts

Youth learned about meat quality and where the cuts come from on the animal. 

collage of kids identifying cuts of meat

No Bake Cookies

Mix, melt, and chomp! Clover Kids got to learn basic measuring skills and create a yummy cookie. 


This session was so enjoyable and relaxing. Youth learned about a different form of art and created neat samples. 

collage of kids looking at art