Saline County 4-H Enrollment

Enrollment Eligibility: 
Youth are eligible to enroll in 4-H in Saline county beginning at age 8 (before age on Jan. 1 of the current year). If birthdate is Jan. 1st, 4-H age is the age youth was on Dec. 31st. If youth turns 8 on Jan. 1st, their 4-H age will be 7 for the current year. 

Youth ages 5-7 are eligible to enroll as Clover Kids. Youth MUST enroll in 4honline to be eligible to exhibit both static and animal projects at the county fair. Keep in mind there are other requirements and restrictions that apply to youth ages 5-7 showing animals. 

ALL Youth MUST re-enroll each year! Early enrollment is highly encouraged before March 15. State guidelines allow enrollment until June 15.  

NEW in 2024 - Specific project selection is now optional but highly encouraged so we can keep you updated via email, newsletters, social media regarding additional requirements for your participation in project areas such as animals. Several animal species require identification, ear tags/tattoos/Scrapie tags/DNA/online nominations. Youth intending to exhibit certain animal species must complete the yearly YQCA training. 

In you will find a simplified project listing. Example 1: now you can enroll in Animal Science which will include all animal species. You will no longer need to select a specific project name. Example: If you want to exhibit a Market Steer, you will just enroll in Animal Science with the understanding that you will need to meet the extra requirements for exhibiting that animal at the county fair or state fair. Example 2: you want to exhibit a pie at the county fair. Now you will enroll in Healthy Living instead of Cooking 401. 

Keep in mind when enrolling in project areas now, you will still need to enter fair projects in the fair entry website at a later date. Fair entry is a separate process.

Youth are only eligible to exhibit in a project area or contest in a single county.  NOTE: Youth cannot be enrolled in the same project in two different counties. Ex: You cannot be enrolled in the 4-H "Beef" project in two different counties (Ex: enrolled in 4-H Market Beef in Saline and 4-H Breeding Beef in Gage). 

Horse and shooting sports projects will continue to require project enrollment due to the parental consent required to participate in these projects. 

County 4-H Enrollment Fees: 
County 4-H enrollment fees are $8 per member. Youth who are enrolled in more than one club in Saline county only need to pay ONE enrollment fee.

NEW Online Payment:
In 2024, we will only be accepting payment online for enrollment fees. Please follow on-screen prompts on the enrollment website for payment instructions. We will no longer accept cash or checks in the office. Online Enrollment Fee Tutorial

Dual County Enrollments:
If you are enrolled in 4-H in two different counties, you must pay enrollment fees in BOTH counties. NOTE: Youth cannot be enrolled in the same project in two different counties. Ex: You cannot be enrolled in the 4-H "Beef" project in two different counties (Ex: enrolled in 4-H Market Beef in Saline and 4-H Breeding Beef in Gage). You also cannot enroll in static projects in more than one county. No animal can be exhibited at two different county fairs. Also, the same animal cannot be exhibited in a 4-H show at one county fair and then an FFA show at another county fair. 

Please call our office at (402) 821-2151 or email if you need help or have questions. Youth are not completely enrolled until your online payment has been processed. 

How do I Enroll in 4-H: 
The 4-H Enrollment website is:

Enrollment Instructions: IF YOU HAVE AN 4HONLINE PROFILE (email and password) DO NOT CREATE A NEW PROFILE!!!

4-H Members

4-H Leaders

Leaders are required to enroll or re-enroll each year. 

NEW in 2024 - ALL LEADERS MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE VOLUNTEER ORIENTATION.  Leaders who do not complete this requirement WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SERVE AS VOLUNTEER LEADERS in any capacity (lead meetings, teach youth, volunteer at 4-H events). The online orientation can be completed at:

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