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   This week I assisted with a non-wireless watermark sensor installation to a data logger with a new cooperator who had ordered soil moisture sensors from the Lower Big Blue NRD.  Usually in chest high corn it’s really hard to install the sensors.  Not this year.  The sensors were easily installed one foot, two feet and three feet deep in the soil.  Here we are on July 2 with essentially a full soil profile of moisture for our crops. I haven’t seen that the first part of July for quite some time.  That will be the ace in the hole for our dryland crops this year during tassel and silking on corn.

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The ServSafe program is a Food Safety Training and Certification Program from the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation.

The ServSafe program is the foodservice industry's premier food safety training and certification course. It is recognized by more federal, state and local health jurisdictions than any other food safety training program in the United States.

The ServSafe course is recommended for all types of foodservice employees, both commercial and non-commercial, including:


If you have experienced water in your home after the recent floods, you will want to be sure that the moisture content of the wood in your home is less than 15% before new drywall; paneling or other coverings are installed.  Our office has a moisture meter you can check out to use to determine what the moisture level is in your home.  Contact us at 402-821-2151 to check out the meter. 

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March 22, 2019

Natural disasters, such as the recent severe storms and flooding in Nebraska, often lead to extreme stress for families.  It is common for people to feel irritable, anxious, helpless and overwhelmed.  Tempers may flare during times of stress, affecting relationships in the family. You may feel that you are losing not only material things, but also the support of your family as well.

Problems between couples are typical during times of great stress. No two people are likely to have the same reaction to a situation, so it is not surprising that tension may result from their differing reactions.


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