Welcome to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Extension in Platte County

Our office brings you reliable, research-based information in agriculture and natural resources, consumer and family economics, community and economic development and 4-H / youth development. Our goal is simple... to help you put knowledge to work!

Empowering youth. Strengthening families. Advancing agriculture. Managing natural resources. Creating financial security. Building successful businesses and communities.

Nebraska Extension - Platte County
2715 13th Street
Columbus NE  68601-4916
Phone: (402) 563-4901
Fax: (402) 563-8001
Resident Staff:
Kelly Feehan - Horticulture, Landscape, and Environmental Systems Extension Educator
Email: kfeehan2@unl.edu
Bruno Lena - Water and Integrated Cropping Systems Extension Educator
Email: bpatiaslena2@unl.edu
Sheila Hoppe - 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator
Email: shoppe3@unl.edu
Kimberly Johnson - 4-H Extension Assistant
Email: kjohnson36@unl.edu
Beth Jones - Administrative Assistant
Email: bjones30@unl.edu
Sandra Swanson - 4-H Administrative Assistant
Email: sswanson5@unl.edu
Regional Experts:
Maria Cantu Hines - Rural Prosperity Extension Educator
400 Hawkeye, Osceola NE  68651-0215
Phone: 402-747-2321
Email: mcantuhines2@unl.edu
Jim Jansen - Economist Extension Educator
Haskell Ag Lab, 57905 866 Road, Concord NE  68728
Phone: 402-584-2261
Email: jjansen4@unl.edu
Erin Kampbell - Early Childhood Extension Educator
1305 South 13th Street, Norfolk NE  68701
Phone: 402-370-4040
Email: ekampbell7@unl.edu
Beth Nacke - Registered Dietician Extension Educator
1206 West 23rd Street, Fremont NE  68025 
Phone: 402-727-2775
Email: bnacke2@unl.edu
Brad Schick - Beef Systems Extension Educator
Nance County - 209 Easther Street, Fullerton NE  68638
Phone: 308-536-2691
Boone County - 222 South 4th Street, Albion NE  68620
Phone: 402-395-2158
Email: brad.schick@unl.edu
Thays Silva - Food, Nutrition and Health Extension Educator
451 N. 5th Street, David City NE  68632
Phone: 402-367-4710
Email: thays.silva@unl.edu