2024 Platte County 4-H Council

The Platte County 4-H Council is comprised of adults and youth representing all parts of the county.

The duties and responsibilities of the 4-H Council include:

  • Help plan a sound county 4-H program.
  • Help determine policies for the county 4-H program.
  • Serve as a sounding board for ideas and programs.
  • Assist in carrying out 4-H events and activities.

Adult Members:

Travis Dicke

Phone #: 402-270-0728

Email: tddicke@gmail.com

Brandon Groteluschen

Phone #: 402-920-2024

Email: bgroteluschen80@gmail.com

Brigen Kinnison

Phone #: 402-910-2129

Email: bmkinnison@hotmail.com

Crystal Klug

Phone #: 308-830-3100

Emial: crystallynn84@hotmail.com

Julie Kreikemeier

Phone #: 402-367-8800

Email: juliekreikemeier@hotmail.com

Jenny Meyer

Phone #: 402-910-0621

Email: jmeyer29@frontiernet.net

Cory Osten

Phone #: 402-910-8579

Email: hilltopcustomag@gmail.com

Angie Reardon

Phone #: 402-750-7364

Email: reardon.farms@gmail.com

Eric Reichmuth

Phone #: 402-920-2498

Email: ericreichmuth@hotmail.com

Shelley Reichmuth

Phone #: 402-920-2382

Email: shelleyfischer@hotmail.com

Gina Renner

Phone #: 402-910-4351

Email: ginarenner@yahoo.com

Stephanie Schmidt

Phone #: 402-270-4315

Email: stephanie.schmidt00@gmail.com

Travis Schultz

Phone #: 402-750-9693

Email: tlschultz34@gmail.com

Sandi Seckel

Phone #: 402-276-0005

Email: sandi.seckel@gmail.com

Kristy Spawn

Phone #: 402-276-4779

Email: kristyspawn@gmail.com

Kim Went

Phone #: 402-380-3726

Email: kimberleecull@hotmail.com

Logan Went

Phone #: 402-270-3657

Email: logan_went@hotmail.com

Pat Wiese

Phone #: 402-270-0718

Email: nlwiese@telebeep.com

Youth Members:

Adyson Groteluschen
Emma Klug
Eli Kreikemeier
Callista Reichmuth
Amber Spawn
Lindy Schmidt