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2020 Trends in Nebraska Farm Custom Rates

A survey of agricultural custom operators is conducted in Nebraska every two years.    Actual rates paid for custom services may vary from those listed in these survey results due to differences in the operators responding and those providing services across the state.   <Read more>

You may download the full report of 29 pages here:  2020 Nebraska Farm Custom Rates, Report by Glennis A. McClure, Extension Educator-Farm & Ranch Management Analyst  and  Jim A. Jansen, Agricultural Economist

2019-20  Nebraska Real Estate Report

The statewide all-land average value for the year ending Feb 1, 2020 averaged $2,725 per acre, or 3% ($80 per acre) increase to the prior year's value of $2,645 per acre.  This marks the first year-to-year increase since land values in the state peaked at $3,315 per acre in 2014. Read more information on the report here:  2020 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Informaiton

Preliminary estimates from the UNL Nebraska Farm Real Estate Survey and Report have been published on the Nebraska Farm Real Estate Website at:  You may download the 71 page report here:  NEBRASKA REAL ESTATE REPORT 2020