4-H Enrollment Procedures

Enrolling in 4-H in 2023....



  • New 4-H members
  • Returning 4-H members-required to enroll through 4-H Online each year
  • Volunteers-required to enroll through 4-H Online each year


  • To participate in county fairs and the Nebraska State Fair
  • To participate as a 4-H member in additional statewide programs.
  • To get the latest news

COST: Enrollment is FREE in our county!

WHERE: Enroll at v2.4honline.com.

HOW: Instructions available in the Extension Office OR https://4h.unl.edu/enroll

Enrollment Tips

• Select at least one project at the time of enrollment. Please enter as many projects as you may possibly participate in. You are not held to these projects, but we would rather have every possibility, rather than a project not listed. This can be edited up to June 15.

• The health form is optional, except for one question regarding any life-threatening allergies. This question is near the end of the page immediately before the Health Form Consent

• If you need to make connections with a club, the Extension office is happy to make this introduction.

• Youth between the ages of 5 and 7 as of January 1 of the current year may enroll as Clover Kids.

Update your t-shirt size. This is the size we will use throughout the year.

  • While enrollment is open year-round, youth interested in participating in their county fair or the Nebraska State Fair must complete enrollment by June 15.

For help selecting 4-H projects, visit our Pick Your Project or current Nebraska 4-H Project Listing. Also, note the following codes when selecting projects.

Project Areas

  • AS = Animal Science
  • C&EA = Communications & Expressive Arts
  • C&FS = Consumer & Family Science
  • EE&ES = Environmental Education & Earth Science
  • HL = Healthy Lifestyles
  • LC&PD = Leadership, Citizenship & Personal Development
  • PS = Plant Science
  • SET = Science, Engineering & Technology


  • A = Beginner
  • B = Intermediate
  • C = Advanced
  • D = All Levels
  • Remember, if you are not enrolled in the project, you may not receive notices about that project.
  • For help selecting 4-H projects, visit our Pick Your Project or current Nebraska 4-H Project Listing.
  • If you have further questions, please call Phelps-308-995-4222, or Gosper - 308-785-2390.