Virtual Field Tours 2020

High Plains Ag Lab Virtual Field Tour 2020

An update on research being conducted at the UNL High Plains Agricultural Lab near Sidney, NE, in 2020. Social distancing guidelines would not permit us to conduct an in-person field day in 2020, so this collection of videos and other online presentations will convey the same information that would have been delivered in person:

2020 Winter Wheat Variety Tour – Panhandle Region
Stephen Baenziger, UNL Small Grains Breeding Specialist, and Tyler Benninghoven, Seed and Trait Specialist, PlainsGold, Colorado, provide a commentary on each of the wheat varieties growing in the test plots at HPAL. Winter wheat variety trials High Plains Ag Lab 2020

Row Spacing and Population in Wheat:
Cody Creech, Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist, provides an update on research at High Plains Ag Lab into row spacing and plant population in winter wheat. Row spacing and population trials High Plains Ag Lab

TAPS – Testing Ag Performance Solutions:
UNL Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist Cody Creech speaks about a new educational program at the UNL High Plains Ag Lab, TAPS (Testing Ag Performance Solutions) for Wheat. Wheat producers compete, on a small, controlled scale, to test their decision-making related to optimim returns for their crop. TAPS plot High Plains Ag Lab

Key Changes in UNL 2020 Wheat Variety Tests:
Amanda Easterly, Assistant Research Professor at UNL, speaks about changes in UNL Wheat Variety Tests as part of the 2020 High Plains Ag Lab Virtual Field Day in June 2020. Winter wheat variety trial changes 2020

Nitrogen Management in Dryland Winter Wheat:
Bijesh Maharjan, Soil and Nutrient Management Specialist, UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center. Nitrogen management in dryland winter wheat High Plains Ag Lab

Update on CoAXium Wheat Production System and Aggressor Herbicide:
An update on the CoAXium Wheat Production System and Aggressor Herbicide from Chad Shelton, Director of Innovation Technology, Albaugh LLC. This video was produced for the 2020 UNL High Plains Ag Lab Virtual Field Day at Sidney, NE CoAXium Wheat Production System update High Plains Ag Lab

Field Pea Variety Trials:
Introduced by Dipak Santra, Alternative Crops Breeding Specialist, UNL. Comments on varieties in this year's trials from several company representatives, including Troy Gerding, Soils and Operations Manager, Meridian Seeds; Tyler Kress, Genetics Lead, Pulse USA; Eric Killian, Genetics Lead, Valesco Genetics; and Mark Kok, President, Valesco Genetics. Pea variety trial tour High Plains Ag Lab Sidney NE

Field Pea Fertility Study:
Dipak Santra, UNL Alternative Crops Breeding Specialist, with an update on research into the relationship between nitrogen fertilizer inputs and protein levels in pea. Pea fertility study High Plains Ag Lab Sidney NE

Wheat Stem Sawfly Management:

Dr. Jeff Bradshaw, UNL entomologist, speaks about research going on at HPAL into helping manage wheat stem sawfly.

Wheat stem sawfly
Wheat Variety Videos from Seed Industry Sources:

The videos below were provided by seed companies. They are shared on this University of Nebraska-Lincoln website in order to provide information for UNL clientele about wheat varieties being grown in UNL variety test plots. Their use does not imply any endorsement by UNL, or any other opinion pro or con.

Syngenta Varieties:

SY Monument:

SY Wolverine:

SY Rugged:

SY Legend CL2:

SY 517 CL2:

AP18 AX:

SY Sunrise:

SY Benefit:


CROPLAN Varieties from Winfield United: