Panhandle Soil Health Workshop

The Panhandle Soil Health Workshop is sponsored by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Panhandle Research, Extension and Education Center will be an online event for ag producers, consultants, and others in the region. The second annual workshop was held March 5, 2021, as an virtual event on the Zoom platform.

Recorded Presentations from the 2nd annual workshop - March 5, 2021

Soil health and nutrient cycling

Soil Health and Nutrient Cycling

Jay Norton, University of Wyoming

Managing cover crops to improve soil health

Managing Cover Crops to Improve Soil Health in Water-Limited Regions

Humberto Blanco, UNL

A systems approach to no-till and soil health

Systems Approach to No-Till and Soil Health

Paul Jasa, UNL

Recognizing soil health

Recognizing Soil Health: Focus on Regenerating Soil Structure and Supporting the Soil Ecosystem

Aaron Hird, USDA NRCS, Nebraska

Benchmarking soil health management

Benchmarking Soil health Management

Bijesh Maharjan and Saurav Das, UNL

Nebraska soil health task force

The Nebraska Healthy Soil Task Force and the application to NE Panhandle

Mike McDonald, Nebraska HSTF member and producer

Impacts of grazing on soil health

Impacts of Grazing on Soil Health

Mary Drewnoski, UNL

No-till practices and soil health

No-till Practices: Challenges and Opportunities

Mark Watson, Producer

NRCS programs and soil health

NRCS Programs and Soil Health

Robin Foulk and Sarah Gray, USDA NRCS