small ornamental trees

Small Ornamental Trees for the Panhandle

Culture Key:
d - Plants that can withstand periodic drought.
w - Plants that can tolerate wet soils. A + indicates plants that require consistently moist soils.
p - Plants that need a protected planting site - avoid exposed or windswept sites.

Small/Ornamental Trees (under 25' tall at maturity)

1. Alder, Thinleaf - Alnus tenuifolia (pw+; interesting cones; plant on moist sites only)
2. Aspen, Quaking - Populus tremuloides (w; good in groups; any single stem not long lived)
3. Birch, Water - Betula occidentalis (w+; native to Pine Ridge area; nice cinnamon bark)
4. Birdcherry - Prunus padus (d; very hardy; likes to sucker; can be short lived)
5. Cherry, Black - Prunus serotina (p; great forest tree of e. Neb.)
6. Chokecherry, Common - Prunus virginiana (d; native with good fruit; Canada Red Cherry is a purple leaf form)
7. Chokecherry, Amur - Prunus maackii (p; beautiful shiny red bark makes this a tree worth trying)
8. Crabapple - Malus spp. (d; over 500 types listed under cultivation; select in fall for best fruit; good ones include Donald Wyman, David, Prairiefire, Indian Summer, Indian Magic, Red Jade, M. Sargentii, Harvest Gold)
9. Euonymus, Winterberry - Euonymus bungeanus (d; seldom seen; can be striking with red fall fruit)
10. Hawthorn, Cockspur - Crataegus crusgalli (d; great small tree; thornless variety available; avoid high pH soil)
11. Hawthorn, Downy - Crataegus mollis (seldom seen native)
12. Hawthorn, Lavalle - Crataegus x lavallei (nice tree that needs more testing in w. Nebraska)
13. Hawthorn, - Crataegus spp (p; several others worth trying include 'Washington' and 'Toba' )
14. Hophornbeam - Ostrya virginiana (p; native understory tree; also known as Ironwood; prefers afternoon shade)
15. Lilac, Japanese Tree - Syringa reticulata (p; great ornamental; beautiful bark; Pekin Lilac is very similar)
16. Maple, Amur - Acer ginnala (good fall color; best as multi-stem; avoid high pH soil)
17. Maple, Rocky Mountain - Acer glabrum (w; native in Pine Ridge; can be grown as large shrub or small tree)
18. Maple, Tatarian - Acer tataricum (d; similar to Amur Maple but more tolerant of Panhandle soils)
19. Mountainash, European - Sorbus aucuparia (p; beautiful flower and fruit but susceptible to fireblight)
20. Mountainash, Oakleaf - S. thuringiaca (p; needs more testing in Nebraska; avoid high pH soils)
21. Oak, Dwarf Chinkapin - Quercus prinoides (d; great small native of se Neb.; available through NSA)
22. Oak, Gambel - Quercus gambelii (d; native to Rocky Mountains; prefers well-drained soils; great potential)
23. Pear, Ussurian - Pyrus ussuriensis (p; hardier than Callery Pear types; nice fall color; good flower)
24. Wafer Ash (Hop Tree) - Ptelea trifoliata (uncommon but worth greater use; interesting wafer fruits)
25. Serviceberry (juneberry, shadbush, saskatoon) - Amelanchier spp. (p; several types and cultivars available; great 4-season tree with early flowers, orange/red fall color and edible fruit)