What about the Horticulture Education for Extension Master Gardeners?

By Kathleen Cue, Nebraska Extension Horticulture Educator

(Part 2 of 3)

Nebraska Extension Master Gardeners are Extension-educated volunteers who make a difference in their communities by educating people of all backgrounds about research-based gardening information. Programs across the nation are set up on a one-for-one basis, with 1 hour of volunteer time for each hour of education received.  In Nebraska, Extension provides 40 hours of education to each Master Gardener volunteer in return for 40 hours of their volunteer service.

Not sure if you have enough gardening experience to qualify for the Master Gardener program? This isn’t an issue. Nebraska Extension closes any gardening knowledge gaps by providing research-based education. Topics covered include botany, soils, insect pests, plant diseases, weeds, turfgrass management, tree pruning and growing vegetables, plus a broad array of other gardening topics. All gardening education will be specific to the region, with updates on new/emerging problems. Instruction consists of lectures, labs and reading assignments and all classes are taught by Extension educators who are experts in their field.

Besides a world class education, Nebraska Extension Master Gardener volunteers maintain their connection to Extension through continuing education and project activities.  Most importantly, they enjoy fellowship centered on a love of gardening and sharing that enthusiasm with others.

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