Dodge County 4-H Foundation

Established in 1965, the purpose of the Dodge County 4-H Foundation is to disburse and administer funds, donations, gifts and grants that will be utilized by the Dodge County 4-H Program to promote educational programs and develop leadership, citizenship and life skills for area youth and adult leaders.

  • The Dodge County 4-H Foundation was officially established on July 1, 1965. Upon formation, the foundation established itself as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization.

Dodge County 4-H Foundation Board of Directors

The board consists of FIVE (voting) members that include:

  • TWO Dodge County 4-H Council Representatives - Appointed by: Dodge County 4-H Council Chair
  • TWO Dodge County Extension Board Representatives - Appointed by: Dodge County Extension Board President
  • ONE Dodge County Financial Institute Representative - Appointed by: Dodge County 4-H Foundation
  • Dodge County Extension staff (ex-officio/non-voting)

Dodge County 4-H Foundation - Serving Youth in Our Communities

The Dodge County 4-H Foundation would like to do all they can to assist you with your gift-giving or help you meet your philanthropic needs. They would be glad to visit with you to answer any questions about donating to the Dodge County 4-H Foundation or any of the 4-H programs and activities in Dodge County. In addition, they welcome your ideas for future youth programming. They welcome any considerations you make regarding donations. They are willing to work with you or your representative regarding your donations.

Dodge County 4-H Foundation Donations Support...


  • College
  • National 4-H Events & Conferences
  • State 4-H Events & Conferences
  • 4-H Camp (State & Eastern Nebraska)
  • 4-H Leadership Opportunities


  • 4-H Members
  • 4-H Leaders & Volunteers
  • Specific 4-H Project Areas, as needed


  • Dodge County 4-H Public Speaking Contest
  • Dodge County 4-H Summer Workshops
  • Dodge County Fair - Awards Funds

Donations may be designated for use during the current year or can added to the Dodge County 4-H Foundation endowment.

For more information about donating, please contact us at