4-H Club Participation

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How old do you have to be to join a 4-H club?

Children can join a 4-H club if they are 5 by January 1 of the current year and they can stay involved until their final year of eligibility – when they are 18 on January 1. In addition, many colleges offer collegiate 4-H clubs, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln!

Are clubs organized by age divisions?

4-H clubs operate best when the members are in a similar age group, preferably within a couple of years of each other. However, some clubs operate with children from a wide variety of ages. It is a little more challenging to keep everyones interest when there is a wide age span, but there are also the benefits of younger youth learning from the knowledge and example of older youth, and the leadership opportunities for older youth.

What does it cost to join a 4-H club?

There is a $10.00 county membership fee that is paid at the time of enrollment. Some clubs will assess dues for each member to cover the cost of the project supplies. Dues vary from club to club depending on the projects selected. Each 4-Her is also required to pay for their own 4-H manuals at the Nebraska Extension Office. Cost varies, however, the average is approximately $5.00 - $10.00 per manual. If you are planning to exhibit livestock at the county fair there is an additional fee for beef or swine ear tags ($3.00 each). The Nebraska State Fair has a separate set of fees that include nominations, entries, and DNA samples for some species. Depending on your 4-H project, the cost will vary according to your supply needs. Grants and scholarships are available for club activities, member projects, and special event participation.