4-H Ambassador Program

Dodge County 4-H Ambassador Program

The primary goal of the Dodge County 4-H Ambassador Program is building communication skills to be utilized in an advocacy role for the Dodge County 4-H Program as well as in other aspects of the ambassador's life.


  • Youth 16 - 18 years of age on January 1 of the year serving.
  • Enrolled as a Dodge County 4-H member.
  • Must be an active member of 4-H, either independent or with a club for at least two full year prior to application.


  • ADVOCATES: Ambassadors will represent and promote the Dodge County 4-H and Nebraska 4-H programs at various events such as the Dodge County Fair, Fremont 4-H Expo and other local/regional 4-H events.
  • ROLE MODELS: Ambassadors are role models for other youth. They will be respectful, polite and helpful with other 4-H members, adult leaders, and Nebraska Extension staff.
  • MENTORS: Ambassadors will have the opportunity to assist with events throughout the county. Their purpose is to assist in educating youth and adults about the 4-H program.

The Dodge County 4-H Ambassador program strives to promote 4-H and encourages youth to become actively involved in their communities. The Dodge County 4-H Ambassadors volunteer their time to assist with a number of county, regional and state events and programs. By assisting with these functions, the Ambassadors will have opportunities to enhance their advocacy and leadership roles with the Dodge County 4-H program and to develop an increased interest in volunteer work and community service.


  • Serve as a positive role model to all 4-H youth.
  • Assist with 4-H events at the Fremont 4-H Expo, Dodge County Fair and other miscellaneous county, regional or state 4-H events as a Dodge County 4-H Ambassador.
  • Represent the Dodge County 4-H Ambassadors during the 4-H Council Pancake Feed at the Dodge County Fair.
  • Represent the Dodge County 4-H Ambassadors in the Dodge County Fair Parade.
  • Assist with the Dodge County 4-H Achievement Celebration in November or December.
  • Attend University of Nebraska-Lincoln Communications Workshop (to be scheduled).
  • Develop testimonials about 4-H and its positive impact and submitted with a press release to the local media. (Send copy to the Dodge County Extension Office)
  • Assist with new member recruitment by visitng elementary classrooms as well as conducting a mini project fair at school or other community events. 
  • Assist with 4-H Summer Workshops. 
  • Develop and lead a group project in your local club. 
  • Regularly maintain and wear the 4-H Ambassador shirt and nametag while serving as a representative.
  • Maintain continued communication with the Nebraska Extension staff.
  • Be on time to all scheduled commitments.

Dodge County 4-H Ambassador Program Overview & Application - Due by 4:30pm on October 24th, 2023

2023 Dodge County 4-H Ambassador Fulfillment of Duties - Due by 4:30pm on December 13, 2023

2024 Dodge County 4-H Ambassador Fulfillment of Duties

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