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Complete your 2024 YQCA Certification during Winter Break!

Certification is required yearly for all 4-H youth participating in Beef, Dairy Cattle, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, and Swine. (Horse, Cat, Dog, and Household Pet exhibitors are not required to complete YQCA Training.)

Age divisions for YQCA certification are based on 4-H member age as of January 1, 2023.

Exhibitors are required to complete training by June 15. Those who do not complete the training will not be eligible to exhibit livestock at the Dixon County Fair or the Nebraska State Fair. No exceptions.

Provide certificate copies (print or digital) to the Extension Office

Animal Resources

Nebraska 4-H Livestock Information Series

State Fair Livestock Identification, Nomination, and Entry Website

2024 State Fair Livestock Nomination Identification Requirements

ShowStock Manager Login

Show Stock Manager - Step by Step Instructions for Nominating Livestock

Ak-Sar-Ben - Instructions for Nominating Livestock

State Fair Live Animal Exhibitor Resources

Premise ID Instructions

Livestock Premise ID Brochure

Nebraska 4-H Horse Program

Breeding Validation Worksheet

4-H Bucket Calf Project Guide

Nebraska EID Tagging Guide

Cattle Hair Sample Collection Instructions

Breeding Beef Tattoo Video - UNL Beef

Sheep/Goat Hair Sample Collection Instructions

Swine Hair Sample Collection Instructions

Nebraska Department of Agriculture Animal Diseases

Scrapie Information for Sheep & Goats - In 2001 the USDA initiated a program to eradicate scrapie from the nation's sheep flocks and goat herds. The NE State Fair requires that all sheep and goats be identified with a scrapie tag and these are the guidelines that Dixon County follows.

To request these official sheep and goat tags, a flock or premises ID or both, call 1-866-USDA-Tag (866-873-2824).

1-866-USDA-TAG has a new telephone tree (implemented in February 2021) that will gather information from the caller to direct them to the correct VS or State office to answer their questions about sheep and goat identification. When prompted, callers will either key in or say the numbers on their telephone keypad corresponding to the two-letter postal abbreviation of the State or territory where the flock or herd about which they are calling is located.

4H357 4-H Guide for Evaluating Livestock Showmanship Contests: Beef, Sheep, Swine

Exhibiting 4-H Poultry

Instructions for Tattooing Rabbits

Example Rabbit Showmanship Speech

4-H Rabbit Showmanship Questions

UNL Companion Animal page

Nebraska 4-H Dog Show Guidelines

Vaccination Form for Cats & Ferrets *Mandatory use beginning 2024

Tropical Fish

Animal Affidavit Forms

Deadline is June 15, with exception to Horse ID's. All County and State Horse IDs are due May 5.