Enrollment & Volunteers


2022-2023 Enrollment is now open - Soft deadline is February 1, 2023, in order to receive updates via email and Remind. Final deadline is June 15, 2023, to be eligible to show at the 2023 county fair.

Instructions for Enrollment


Privilege, Not a Right: While volunteerism is crucial to the success of 4-H, it is a privilege, not a right to be a 4-H volunteer. Volunteers may be dismissed from serving in any program at any time, for any or no reason.

All 4-H volunteers and staff are required to complete the Nebraska 4-H volunteer screening process. Volunteer screening is done in order to assure a safe, positive, and nurturing environment for all youth involved with the Nebraska 4-H programs and provide protection for the child, the volunteer, the educator, the 4-H Council, the Extension Board, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

Initial screening of volunteers and staff will occur when they sign up to volunteer or are employed as an Extension professional. Re-screening for volunteers will be done every five years by district regardless of when the original screening was completed. Volunteers are responsible for covering the screening fee at the time the screening is completed. Currently, the cost of the screening is $5.00 (payable by cash or check only).

All 4-H Volunteers must either enroll yearly in 4HOnline OR complete the 4-H Volunteer Activity Application appropriate for their role.

All 4-H Volunteers must also be screened every 5 years. New volunteers and those who did not complete the process in 2020 will need to be screened.